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Gosea Marine has been committed to customizing boat windows for customers of different types of ships in different industries for many years, such as Marine Side Window and Rectangular Window. Therefore, we also provide solutions for your needs!

Classification of Marine Windows for Sale

marine glass windows can be classified in various ways according to their location, form, structure, material and function.

Portholes for ships have fixed type and movable type, the former can not be opened, the latter can be opened, according to the watertight bearing capacity of heavy 20Pa below, ordinary 50-100Pa, light (20Pa below).
A ship window in a watertight area with a riot lid that does not retain light during stormy weather. The portholes are round and the specifications are represented by transparent glass diameters. They are usually ø200mm, ø250mm, ø300mm, ø350mm, ø400mm, depending on the size of the ship (rib distance). The double escape hatch must be above ø350mm.

Rectangular windows are used in superstructures with no watertight requirements. The pressure is less than 50Pa, and the larger the transmittance size (width hm× height BW), the lower the pressure will be.

The deck lighting window is installed flush with the deck plane, and prism glass is used for light transmission so that the space below the deck receives no direct sunlight, but uniform and soft scattered light, which is usually used for lighting at the top of public cabins and passageways.

Skylight cover can be opened, covered with round or rectangular transparent glass, in addition to lighting but also for natural ventilation, generally in the engine room, furnace cabin, kitchen or boat cabin on the top of the installation.

Arrangement of Ship Windows

Marine porthole windows layout should be helpful for indoor more reasonable and even daylighting. If two adjacent walls of the cabin are outer walls, Windows are opened on both walls at the same time, and deviate from the Angle of the intersection of the two walls, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of the entire indoor illumination.
In fact, the light distribution is more ideal than that of the two-wall windowing, but except for the hall or steerage, it is less likely to be set up in this way in the empty cabin or bedroom on board, and there are also few rooms where both adjacent walls can be windowed.
When the marine porthole can decorate a side only, a window had better be in the indoor long middle. The two windows should be properly opened so that both sides can have some light.

The size, height and form of marine window on each deck should be as unified as possible, and the height line of Windows should be parallel to the arc line, so that the spacing distribution of Windows is full of rhythm.
When standing, the eye height range is 1300~1700mm. The center line-height of the cabin window can be set at 1500mm or 1650mm in general, except for those who are required to enjoy outdoor scenery while sitting on the cruise ship.

Ship cabins have various glass windows, such as marine portholes, square windows, french windows, fire windows, etc.
From material pledges will cent have steel qualitative window and aluminous qualitative window, from its appearance look have rectangular window and circular window (it is porthole commonly). Some marine window cannot be opened or closed, such as ship portholes; Some can open closed (left and right inside open or left and right outside open).
The main considerations in the design of boat windows are type (such as aluminum rectangular Windows with snow sweepers), number, center height, wall openings, etc. The number, form and position of Windows refer to cabin layout. Together with the cabin doors, draw the layout of doors and Windows, both for inspection and as a basis for ordering.

Features of Our Marine Portholes

  • With the appearance of the wrapped window, it is faster, easier and cheaper to install.
  • The scratch-resistant frame provides comprehensive anti-condensation insulation and is available in five colors. These custom ship window frames are suitable for both replacing existing windows and installing new ships.
  • We manufacture ship window according to the specific requirements of each customer and have successfully obtained individual approvals from DNV, Bureau Veritas, MCA, ABS, CRS, and Lloyds, which can be installed on many ships around the world.

Advantages of Gosea Marine Ship Window

  • CE Approval, Chinese patent.
  • CE-rated bolt penetration structure and EPDM gasket, guaranteed for 10 years.
  • 8 and 10 mm tempered marine glass windows.
  • Installation requires only a few simple steps.
  • There is no stress and wear on the sealing gasket.
  • Quick on / off.
  • The whole is made of bronze, with a high surface finish, easy cleaning, and corrosion resistance.
  • The friction-resistant hinge can be opened to any position.

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