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Our Marine Purifier(Marine Clarifier) is a high-speed centrifuge for offshore and terrestrial applications. The equipment is mainly used to remove water and solid particles (sludge) in mineral oil. The clean oil is discharged continuously, while the dirty residue is discharged intermittently. The separator can handle the following types of lubricants and low-viscosity fuels:

  • Lightweight oil: Viscosity 1.5-5.5cst/40℃.
  • Marine diesel oil: Viscosity 13cst/40℃.
  • Intermediate fuel oil and heavy fuel oil: Viscosity 30-380cst/50℃.
  • Lubricating oil for diesel engines or turbines.

The marine separator can be used as both a ship purifier and clarifier. When used as a purifier, the separator continuously discharges the separated water. If the oil contains only a small amount of water, the separator may not be used as a clarifier, and the water and impurities are discharged.

Marine Purifier Parts and Functions

The purification process takes place in a rotating separation cylinder. Unseparated oil is fed into the separation cylinder from the inlet (201). The oil is cleaned in the cylinder and leaves the separator by the centripetal pump chamber orifice through the outlet (220). Impurities with a specific gravity greater than that of the oil are distributed in the dirt space at the periphery of the separator cylinder and are automatically discharged from the separator cylinder at regular intervals.

Benefits of Marine Fuel Oil Purifier

Improved fuel quality:

A marine fuel oil purifier removes impurities, solid particles, and water from fuel, enhancing its quality and purity. This improves combustion efficiency, reduces mechanical wear, and extends the engine’s lifespan.

Emission reduction:

By purifying fuel and removing pollutants and impurities, a Marine Clarifier helps lower emissions from the vessel. It reduces harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and particulate matter, contributing to environmental protection and improved air quality.

Equipment and engine protection:

The purifier effectively removes impurities and contaminants from lubricating oil, safeguarding the ship’s engine and equipment. This reduces maintenance costs, minimizes failures and downtime, and ensures operational reliability and safety.

Improved water quality:

Certain Marine Purifiers can also be used to treat wastewater on board, removing oil, pollutants, and solid particles. This ensures that the discharged wastewater from the vessel meets environmental standards, protecting the health of marine ecosystems.

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