Function of Marine Screw Pump

A marine screw pump is a type of positive displacement pump specifically designed for marine applications. It is commonly used in various maritime operations such as cargo handling, fuel transfer, lubrication, and bilge pumping.

The marine screw pump operates by using a rotating screw or screws to move fluids within the pump. The screw(s) create a sealed chamber, and as they rotate, they trap and move the fluid along the pump’s axis. This design ensures a continuous and smooth flow of fluids, even when handling viscous or abrasive substances.

Marine Screw Pump Categories:

Single Screw Pump:

The screw pump is divided into the number of screws. Single screw pump – a pump in which a single screw engages and rotates in the internal screw groove of the pump body.

Twin Screw Pump

Twin screw pump – by two screws to each other containing the transfer of liquid pump.

Three Screw Pump

Triple screw pump – by a number of screws mesh with each other to transport the liquid pump.

Our Marine Screw Pumps Types for Sale

G Series Single Screw Pump

G Series Mono Screw Pump application:

  • G single screw can transfer all flowing medium and non-running material.
  • It has steady flow and pressure, no pulsation. Change the speed, so the output flow be modified. 
  • It could be used to in measuring input. 
  • G Mono Screw Pump has strong absorb power, low working noise, no leakage and temperature rising.
  • Capacity: 0.1m/b-150m3/h
  • Pressure p: 0.6-2. 4MPa

Rotation speed selection by its viscosity

Viscosity of liquid

1-1000 (cSt)

1000-10000 (cSt)

10000-100000 (eSt)

100000-1000000 (cSt)

Rotation speed

400-1000 (rpm)

200-400 (rpm)

<200 (rpm)

<100 (rpm)

2W.W Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Pump through the mutual meshing of the main and driven screw in the pump body, as well as the coordination of the screw and the bushing hole, the sealing cavity is formed in the pump body. When the screw rotates, the sealing cavity moves forward continuously to push the liquid in the sealing cavity to the outlet to achieve the purpose of the pump to transport the liquid.

The highest pressure

Capacity range

Temperature range

The viscosity of the medium

4.0 Mpa

1~1000 m3/h

-20-120 ℃

1-3000 mm2/ s

3G Series Three Screw Pump

The pumps are sealed generally by mechanical seal and driven by the motor through the claw coupling.

Three Screw Pump Material:

  • Pump casing: HT200, QT450-10, ZG270-500
  • Pump cover: ZL109, ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5, ZCuSn10P1
  • The driving and driven screw: 16MnCrS5, 40Cr, 45, 38CrMoA1

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