Marine Brine Pump

The Marine salt water pumps is the main water supply and drainage and desalted water equipment in the chemical industry system. Its function is to use atmospheric pressure to lift water from low to high. It is composed of a water pump, power machinery, and transmission device. Composed of different materials such as PP, PE, and PVDF.

Application of Marine Salt Water Pump

The saltwater pumps are one of the main pumping equipment in the offshore petroleum industry and shipbuilding industry. It is used as a seawater pump, seawater lifting pump, seawater fire pump, and desalination pump. It has many applications. Application range:

  • Various seawater, alkaline corroded water, clean water without impurities, chilled/cooling water, rainwater, underground water inrush from the coal mine, iron ore, metal mine, quoted water, mineral water, etc.
  • Permissible operating water temperature range to -20℃~100℃.
  • Solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not more than 0.01.
  • PH (pH) 7.9-8.6.
  • The unit works in submerged water completely.

Feature of Ship Brine Pump

  • High-grade workmanship, seawater corrosion resistance: high-grade ABS shell ultrasonic molding, pump shaft made of stainless steel, wear-resistant, non-corrosive, freshwater, seawater can be used.
  • Liquid-containing particles and oil can be pumped: the clearance of impeller in impeller pump is large, even allowing the passage of smaller solid particles, so liquid containing smaller particles can be pumped, such as nutrient solution for feeding in the fish pond.
  • Steady output flow: The internal impeller is centrally symmetrical, unlike diaphragm or piston pumps driven by eccentric wheels, pulsation is almost non-existent.
  • No water diversion is needed: because it is totally or partially submerged in the water itself and does not need to add water manually every time, it overcomes the disadvantage that the impeller pump does not have the self-priming ability; Solve the disadvantage that piston pump and diaphragm pump can not pump particles.
  • Flow rate is too large, volume is too small + high-grade ball bearing, high-speed permanent magnet motor, speed, and reliability are far superior to those of common civil submersible pump motor, which can achieve several to 10 times of common submersible pump flow rate; But the volume did not change much.
  • Very low noise: Since water absorbs noise, the noise is much lower than that of piston or diaphragm pumps.
  • The flow rate is too large. Under the same volume, the flow rate of the common submerged pump for the fish cylinders is only a few liters/minute.
  • Small size (only size of bottled coffee bottle), large flow, high efficiency, and low current (low cost of switching power supply); It realizes the perfect combination of small volume and large flow rate.
  • The inlet and outlet of the pump are all reinforced with a cast steel body to enhance the pressure resistance of the brine pump. By the way, the actual use shows that the pump has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, no aging, high mechanical strength (strength), stable operation, advanced and reasonable structure, strict and reliable sealing performance, convenient disassembly and maintenance, and long service life.
Marine Connector
Marine Connector
Marine Diesel Engine Unit
Marine Diesel Engine Unit
Marine Gear Box
Marine Gear Box
Marine Oily Water Separator
Marine Oily Water Separator

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