Flat Rack Shipping Container & Storage Bin

The “Twist Lock Flatrack” is a flat rack structure designed to carry twist locks, container turnbuckle, and intermediate locks during transportation onboard ships.

During transportation, these twistlock flat racks are loaded onto the vessel and connected to other containers using a twist-lock mechanism to ensure secure stacking. Once the ship arrives at the destination port and begins loading and unloading operations, the storage lashing bin on the twist-locked racks are unloaded onto the quay.

As required, the Storage Bin are removed from the flatrack and lifted using a forklift to a stevedore position on the quay for loading and unloading operations. As containers are loaded or unloaded, twist locks are removed from or returned to Storage Bin to ensure secure securing and stacking.

This design improves the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading operations and allows for a smoother transition from ship to dock. The use of twist lock flatrack construction ensures that containers remain stable during transportation and provides convenience and safety during loading and unloading.

Flat Rack Container Dimensions

The specific dimensions and capacity of Flat Rack containers (FR containers) can vary based on several factors such as the container manufacturer, age, and the owner of the container. While there are some standard sizes and capacities for Flat Rack containers, variations can exist within these parameters.

Standard Flat Rack container sizes include 20 feet and 40ft flat rack containe in length. However, it’s important to note that the internal dimensions may vary slightly between different manufacturers. The width of a Flatrack container is typically around 8 feet (2.44 meters), which is the same as a standard shipping container.

Container Lashing: Storage Bin

When it comes to Storage Bins, various sizes can be available upon request by Gosea Marine. While there may be standard sizes commonly offered, the option to customize the size of Storage Bins allows for a better fit to specific storage requirements.

Whether you need smaller bins for organizing small parts or larger bins for storing bulkier items, requesting a specific size can help optimize space utilization and ensure efficient storage management.

When making a request for custom-sized storage bins, it’s advisable to provide the desired dimensions, including length, width, and height, to the manufacturer or supplier. This way, we can assess feasibility and provide you with options that meet your specific storage needs.

Storage Bin and Flat Rack Specification

  • Storage bins with hot dip galvanized 
  • Flat rack with finish paint 
  • Main dimensions and strength in accordance with ISO norms 
  • Flat racks with CSC certificate 
  • Other dimensions and finishes on request.

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