Marine Engine Spare Parts

Marine engine part is very important to every ship owner since they are important ship parts. For overhauls or routine maintenance, fast and easy access to spare parts will be a big benefit.

Our marine diesel engine parts kit and outboard engine parts service ensures reliable availability of most engine spare parts, from basic wear parts to fuel and exhaust equipment parts. Furthermore, Gosea Marine can handle most marine engines parts well. Throughout the life of your two- and four-stroke engines, generators, propellers, and turbochargers, we keep them at their best.  

Approval standard: International Association of Classification Societies (I.A.C.S.)




(26MC, 35MC, 42MC, 50MC, 60MC, 70MC, 80MC, 90MC) (45GFCA, 55GFCA, 67GFCA, 80GFCA)


(RTA48, RTA52, RD56, RTA58, RTA62, RLB66, RTA68, RND68, RTA72, RND76)


(UEC37, UEC45, UET45, UEC52, UET52, LU28, LU32, LU35, LU46, LU50)


165, 180, 200, 210, 240, 260, 280, 330


6L20, 6L22, 6L26, 6L32


DS22, DK20, DK26, DK28, DK36


230, 320, CS21, G26, G32

Marine Diesel Engine Parts And Functions

Marine diesel engine parts include cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston head, piston rod, piston skirt, piston ring, connecting rod, valve box, air valve, valve seat, cylinder head water jacket, cylinder water jacket, fuel injector, safety valve, indicator valve, crankshaft, camshaft, etc.

Main engine parts for sale

Boat motor accessories are additional components or equipment that are used to enhance the functionality, performance, and convenience of ship motors. These engine accessories are designed to complement and optimize the operation of boat engines and improve the overall boating experience. Some main engine parts include:

Marine Engine Spare: Cylinder Head

Cylinder heads are part of the combustion chamber and are installed on the top of the cylinder, the cylinder and piston in power machinery. Different models are available with fuel injectors, safety valves, test valves, inlet valves, exhaust valves, and starting valves among other instruments and accessories.

Cylinder heads have more structure types, and distinguishing methods differ from one another.

  • If it is distinguished by its composition, it has integral, monomer and combined;
  • According to its manufacturing method, it can be divided into casting type and forging type.

A cooling water chamber has a more complex structure, including a cooling water cavity, an inlet, an exhaust channel, etc. To facilitate the removal of dirt from the cooling water chamber, a cleaning hole is provided on the external wall. A cover plate prevents debris from entering the cooling water chamber. Some are also equipped with an anti-corrosion zinc block to prevent corrosion of the cooling water. For tightening the cylinder head, a bolt through hole is drilled around the circumference of the cylinder head. In addition, the system allows for the installation of valve parts and accessories, such as seat holes.

Cylinder Liner of Marine Engines Part

The cylinder liner of a diesel engine guides piston reciprocation, along with cylinder head and piston combustion. Different types of cylinder liners have different characteristics.  

  • In terms of application points, there are four-stroke diesel engine cylinder lines and two-stroke diesel engine cylinder lines;
  • It can be divided into integral and piecewise combined types depending on its composition;
  • Its cooling methods can be divided into wet, dry, and water jacket types three.

Marine cylinder liners are usually made of high-quality cast iron, ductile cast iron, or alloy cast iron. Often, the inner wall of the cylinder sleeve of large and small diesel engines is chrome plated or plasma molybdenum sprayed in order to improve wear resistance and improve lubrication. A cylinder liner for a high-speed diesel engine with an inner wall coated with chrome or nitrided. Paint or epoxy resin is often used on the outer wall of the cylinder sleeves to prevent cavitation. The inner wall of the cylinder sleeve and other parts should be checked for scars or cracks, the degree of abrasion deformation of the inner wall should be measured, and the sealing ring of the cylinder sleeve should be kept in good condition during maintenance.


Marine Engine Piston Parts & Components

Piston components include the piston head, piston rod, piston skirt, piston, piston ring, support ring, etc.

Piston rods connect the piston to the motor, transmit force and drive the piston. Most of the applications for oil cylinders, cylinder movement parts, involve frequent movement, high technical requirements.

Marine Engine Piston Connecting Rods

The engine piston connecting rod group bears the gas force from the piston pin as well as its own swing force and reciprocating inertia force, the magnitude and direction of which are changing. Therefore, the connecting rod should have sufficient fatigue strength and structural stiffness. Fatigue strength is insufficient, leading to connecting rod body or bolt fracture, and then resulting in a serious accident of the whole machine.

Ship Motor Parts: Valve box, Air valve, Valve seat

A reciprocating piston compressor’s air valve is one of its most important components. It directly impacts the displacement, power consumption, and reliability of the compressor. An important part of limiting the increase of speed in the compressor to the high-speed development stage is the valve.

Cylinder head water jacket, Cylinder water jacket

As the water jacket is used in the engine combustion chamber and the temperature of the cylinder wall by heat conduction to transfer heat to the coolant Because the liquid flow through the pump cycle to the radiator By the radiator through the flow of outside air to cool the liquid, once again by scattered hot coolant circulation to the engine water jacket in receiving the heat generated by the engine working, so cycle.

So the summary is heat transfer.

Diesel Engine Parts: Injector, safety valve

Injectors are precision devices with very high processing precision, which require a large dynamic flow range, strong anti-clogging and anti-pollution properties, and good atomization ability. To accurately control the fuel injection volume, the injector receives the pulse signal sent by the ECU.

On a medium-sized large diesel engine, an indicator valve is an instrument that is used to measure the explosion pressure in the cylinder, or to draw the explosion pressure curve, to characterize the work performed by a single cylinder.

Part of Marine Engine: Crankshaft & Camshaft

Engines are powered by their crankshafts. It converts the force from the connecting rod into a torque that drives the crankshaft and other components of the engine. Marine Engine Crankshafts are subject to the combined force of rotating mass, gas inertia force of periodic change, and reciprocating inertia force, which results in bending torsional loads. Therefore, the crankshaft must have enough strength and stiffness, and the journal surface must be wear-resistant, uniform, and balanced.

Periodic impact loads are applied to the camshaft. Contact stress between CAM and tappet column is very high, and relative sliding speed is also very high, so the wear of the CAM working surface is more serious. A camshaft journal and CAM working surface should not only have higher dimensional accuracy, smaller surface roughness, enough stiffness, but also have higher wear resistance and good lubrication.
Usually,engine camshafts are made of high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel, but they can also be cast from alloyed or ductile iron.

Our Ship Engine Spare Part Advantage

1. Supply a variety of brands

Manufacturers include but are not limited to Mann B&W, Wasilla, Sulzer, White Stork, Mitsubishi, Pierrick, Bergen, Yoma Engine, Daihatsu, Wheat, General Electric, Delay Bach, Walker Sand, Caterpillar, Cummins.

 We provide a large assortment of marine diesel engine spares, including jackets, cylinder heads, crankshafts, pistons, piston rings, valve seats, fuel pumps, injectors, pipes, fuel cams and exhaust cams, hardware, gaskets and o-rings, power packs, blowers, etc.  

2. OEM quality

Our OEM quality marine diesel engine parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers who specialize in supplying specific parts to well-known engine manufacturers worldwide. Therefore, all parts are produced and developed by experts with a long history of excellence. Gosea Marine guarantees that all spare parts are interchangeable and of the same quality as the original parts.

3. Reliable

Gosea Marine fully understands what our customers expect in terms of delivery time and product quality. When we promise to do what we can, we will deliver on that promise. Through a realistic approach, the company has successfully established itself in the ship inboard marine engine parts business.  

4. Professional

Since its inception, the company has concentrated on spare parts for marine diesel engines, outboard motor parts and turbochargers. With 36 years of shipyard experience, our in-house engineering team includes top marine engineers. Let us solve all your technical issues.

5. Competitive pricing:

By making large monthly purchases and deliveries, we can negotiate lower prices with our suppliers. Therefore, we can offer our customers the greatest savings on their budgets. Additionally, Gosea Marine’s business strategy is to keep margins low on each transaction and in the long run with Purseu, which is why our prices always support our partners.

Why Buy Marine Engine Spare Parts Online?

With the internet and the emergence of online shopping, it’s easy to find what you need and buy marine engine spare parts online.

As an example, let’s take a look at a company that has an online store for marine engine spare parts. Gosea Marine offer a wide variety of products. Also have discounts on certain products during certain events.

This is not to say that you should stop buying your marine engine parts from your local dealer. You can still buy them locally and then order them online when they are out of stock or when you need more than what you bought from the local dealer.

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