Marine Bearing

Through the marine main bearing, the crankshaft of the main engine is supported and connected to the connecting rod. A main bearing’s primary function is to transfer load without metal-to-metal contact.
Marine engines with large shaft bearings must have high reliability, durability, and heavy load capacity. A few companies in the world are capable of producing super large marine bearings with a diameter of over 1000 mm for low-speed two-stroke diesel engines. In most cases, these engines are used in power plants and as the main power source for oil tankers and cargo ships. Aluminum alloy and Babbitt marine bearings (some models are coated) are widely used in such engines. In some products, our resin bearings prevent wear in dry turning applications.


  • Main bearing
  • Upper bearing, crosshead/piston pin bearing
  • Lower bearing/crankpin bearing
  • Thrust pad bearing
  • Support bearing (generator side insulated bearing)

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