Marine Controller

By means of technical means real-time monitoring of the location of the ship, so as to achieve a remote real-time tracking of the safety of the production and the implementation of the shipping schedule.


It is of great commercial value to realize ship real-time monitoring. On the one hand, shipping companies, charters, and other ship operators can remotely monitor the real-time dynamics of the ship, so as to know the safety management of the ship and the implementation of the shipping schedule.

On the other hand, the port management authority can realize all the monitoring of vessels in the port area, so as to better arrange the operation plan and ensure the safety of the port area.

In addition, ship service auxiliary industries such as ship agency companies and spare parts and material supply companies can obtain more business opportunities by contacting ship owners in advance by grasping ship dynamics at the port.


From the technical point of view, there are the following three mainstream monitoring methods:

1. Coastal CDMA Network Monitoring

That is, through the CDMA network of China Telecom (formerly China Unicom) to achieve the dynamic monitoring of coastal ships.
This monitoring method requires the ship to install the transmitter, shore-based installation of receiving device, through CDMA network to achieve the ship dynamic data transmission.
The outstanding disadvantage of this monitoring method is that it can only be used in coastal areas with CDMA signals, so it is suitable for coastal transport vessels.

2. Satellite Monitoring

Refers to the transmission of ship position data to the company through onboard satellite transmitter and receiver.
This way is not restricted by the sea area where the ship is located, and can better achieve all-weather monitoring.
But the salient drawback is that satellite communications are expensive and not suitable for continuous monitoring.

3. Monitoring of Coastal AIS System

It refers to mastering ship dynamic data in real-time through signals sent by the onboard AIS system.
AIS, the full name of the ship Identification System, is mandatory for any ship over 500 gross tons in the world, so it covers a very wide range of ships.

As the signal transmitted by the AIS system can only cover the distance of 30 nautical miles around, the dynamic monitoring of ships in the port area can only be realized by the AIS system.

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