Fire Protection Suit

Firefighters wear different clothes in peacetime and combat (fire protection suits). Protect the human body from flame heat radiation and steam burns and scalds, and waterproof clothing. Clothes with gloves and boots made of the aluminum-plated fireproof fiber cloth, equipped with eye protection and a non-combustible hard helmet that is anti-collision and anti-shock.

It is used to isolate the human body from the outside world and achieve the purpose of comprehensive protection. With the protection of protective clothing, the crew can enter the fire zone through the flames to detect the source of the fire, close the fuel valve, rescue the trapped persons or put out the fire. Protective clothing and its accessories should be stored in a dry and warm cabin, and checked and dried frequently. When it gets wet during work, it can only be dried without twisting.

At the same time, there will be various accessories, such as a fire waist ax, air respirator, fire-resistant rope, etc. There is a set of firefighter equipment.

Protective clothing is made of composite material of fiber fabric and aluminized film. The garment includes jacket, trousers, gloves, headcover and foot cover. It does not contain asbestos and has the advantages of double lightness, high strength, flame retardant, high-temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance and non-toxic to the human body.

It can effectively protect firefighters and high-temperature operation personnel from flame and high-temperature burns. Can effectively ensure the fire brigade equipment quality supervision and inspection center testing qualified, in line with GA88 “Fire insulation suit performance Requirements and Test Methods” and “international Fire Safety System rules” requirements.

Flame Proof Suit Features

  • Short-distance fire protection clothing, also known as fire protection clothing and aluminized fire protection clothing, is used to extinguish the fire in case of extremely high temperature and need to prevent complete swallowing of flame.
  • Firefighter helmet, half shell fire helmet, flame retardant, and heat resistance. Part of a fireman’s uniform.
  • Fire boots, made of flame retardant rubber, lined with sterile canvas and sponge soles. Anti-slip, anti electric shock, anti-puncture, fire prevention, waterproof, anti-oil, anti smashing, anti-puncture, steel bottom, and steelhead, which have a good protective effect on bare feet and feet.
  • Fireman’s safety belt must be used with a safety hook and safety rope.
  • The safety belt is fastened to the fireman’s waist with two half rings. If the safety hook is connected to each of the two halves, the safety belt can be used to balance the fireman when the fireman is raised or lowered. The fire safety belt is reliable equipment for the safety protection of firefighters climbing, and can also be used as the safety belt of other departments.
  • Portable explosion-proof lamp, yellow hand lamp with bulb and battery.
  • Fireman’s lifeline and fireman’s safety rope can be connected to the safety belt of the fireman’s respiratory or separate safety belt through a spring hook to prevent respirator separation during lifeline operation.
  • The short-handled fire ax is made of plastic and steel.
  • Fireman equipment box and glass fiber fire equipment box are made of high-quality resin and glass fiber felt. They are special storage boxes for fire equipment, with corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, no rust, and mildew.

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