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The compass marine is the most important instrument on any boat. It will provide accurate, trouble-free heading references under the most adverse conditions without reliance on electricity, radio signals, or satellite communications.

It is a necessary navigation device for two main reasons: whether your vessel is dead in the water or moving slowly against an outgoing tide, the boating compass provides real-time compass headings, second, the marine compass is reliable in all situations even if it works without a power supply. Our company provides various kinds of marine compasses, for example, vertical compasses. If you want to know more specific information, please email us.

Type of Our Best Marine Compass for Sale

There are many kinds of the sea compass, but the magnetic and GPS compass are used more, and fluxgate compass and gyrocompass are rare in daily life.

The most common type is the magnetic compass, which uses needle to mark magnetic north. The glass cover of the boat compass contains liquid and air to ensure free rotation of the dial. GPS compasses use satellite positioning to mark true north.

Method of Using Compass for a Boat

1. Make sure the ship compass is pointing correctly. Maritime compass dial will be affected by a variety of factors deviation, before departure to check whether accurate. Note the direction of the compass when entering or leaving the harbor. Most charts will mark the specific direction of the buoy in the harbor. As you enter or leave the harbor, you can see if the compass direction corresponds to the direction on the chart.

If there is a problem, it is best to have it calibrated by a professional.

2. Use charts to choose a course. Locate the starting and ending points. Plot a course by connecting the two points. Sailboat sailing has the requirements of Angle, Angle and wind direction and speed should be considered comprehensively, the course will be more complicated.

3. After determining the route, keep the bow baseline at the planned Angle during the voyage.

Marine Compass Installation Precautions

Both metal devices and magnetic forces can affect the magnetic compass. Select an appropriate installation location.

1. Keep the installation position away from metal and wires.
2. It is installed on the centerline of the ship to ensure that the magnetic deviation is symmetrical.
3. Install it in a position that can be easily disassembled and adjusted.
4. Install it in a place convenient for driving to see, and in the line of sight to observe the situation ahead.
5. Use copper or stainless steel screw supports for mounting, do not use magnetic materials.

Inspection and Maintenance of Marine compass:

1. Check ocean compass sensitivity. Check the sensitivity of the compass by measuring the Angle of stagnation. This check is actually to check for wear between the pin and the cap, as this can affect the accuracy of pointing. Inspection Method:
1) Conditions: the ship is fixed at the wharf, and the ship-shore machinery does not work and the deviation is not large;
2) Accurately record the heading value;
3) with a small magnet or iron compass left (or right) bias 2° ~ 3° quickly removed;
4) After the boat compass is restored to balance, the difference between the heading reading and the original recorded heading value should be less than 0.2°;
5) Do the same to the right (or left) direction.
The difference between the reading of the compass returning to the original heading and the recorded accurate heading value should be less than 0.2°, that is, the stagnation Angle is less than 0.2°, otherwise the tip of the shaft needle or shaft cap wear is serious, must be sent to the factory for repair or replacement.

Marine Boat Compass Features

  1. high sensitivity and precision
  2. Reliable performance.
  3. Long service life.
  4. High-cost performance.
  5. Compact construction.

Sea Compass Structure

  1. Airguide Marine Compass System Components
  2. NAVIPOL Magnetic Compass Binnacles
  3. JUPITER Flat Glass Magnetic Compass
  4. Flux-Gate
  5. Universal Digital Repeater

The magnetic compass for a boat can be used either stand-alone or in combination with any of the gyrocompass systems.

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