Marine Winch

Marine anchor winches are also called marine winches. Wire rope is wound around drums, reducers, brake devices, etc., to drive lifting devices or traction heavyweights of small and light lifting equipment. A prime mover, a reducer, a drum, and a brake are involved.

Cables are wound both positively and negatively in the drum using a reversing valve (or prime mover, clutch). Most temporary lifting equipment is made up of pulleys. It can also be used to traction the inland port slope wharf. As the lifting weight for the crane, the electric winch serves as a hoisting winch for the crane lifting mechanism.

Marine winches are defined by their rated load, support load, rope capacity, and line speed.

Boat winches can be used as standalone devices or as part of hoisting equipment. Because of its ease of operation, extensive rope winding, and convenient displacement, it is widely used.

Classification of Marine Winch

1, Cargo winches, mooring winches, cable winches, ramp winches, cable winches, minesweeper winches, hydrological winches, and geological winches can all be classified according to their use. Power can be divided into manpower, steam, electric, and hydraulic winches.

2,   Depending on the power, there are three types: manual, electric, and hydraulic.
In order to keep the weight in place, stoppers (ratchets and pawls) are mounted on the transmission mechanism with the handle of the manual winch. Winches for assembling or lifting heavy objects must also be equipped with safety handles and brakes. Manual winches are usually used in scenarios where the lifting weight is small, the facility is not powered or there is no power supply.  

3, The function of a winch can be divided into: Marine winch, engineering winch, mining winch, cable winch, and so on.

4, Drums are categorized as single drums and double drums.

5, As per the drum distribution form, there are parallel double drums and double drums before and after.

Winches For Boats Application

Marine anchor winches can be very useful whenever the ship needs to be anchored, stopped, or towed, or when something on the ship needs to be lifted or towed. When a ship arrives at a port or wharf, it needs to anchor and moor, and the ship anchor and mooring marine winch will be used to anchor and moor it safely so that it does not drift away.  

Marine Anchor Winch Feature

  1. Small size, lightweight, easy to move, easy to install.
  2. Simple and reliable operation, low noise.
  3. Double friction drum with axisymmetric structure.
  4. Equipped with a two-stage gear reducer, high power hydraulic motor drive.
  5. Manual proportional valve control ground speed.
  6. Be flexible and convenient.

Our Winch Advantage

  • Our winches are manufactured to ISO 9001 and CE standards.
  • Heavy-duty high flow hydraulic motor.
  • Standard drum tensioner and drum brake provide optimum rope winding.

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