marine engine cylinder head

SULZER Engine Cylinder Head

  • Engine Brand: Sulzer
  • Product Type: Cylinder head
  • product certification:CCS ABS DNV EC BR KR 
  • Model Type: RTA48, RTA52, RD56, RTA58, RTA62, RLB66, RTA68, RND68, RTA72, RND76
  • Price: Upon request 
  • We supply OEM cylinder cover and reconditioning cylinder cover

Best Sulzer Engine Cylinder Head For Sale

When it comes to selecting the marine cylinder head for your Sulzer engine, choosing Gosea Marine offers a multitude of advantages. With 36 years of shipyard experience and a dedicated in-house team of top marine engineers, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

 Whether you opt for OEM or overhaul options, our carefully sourced Sulzer engine cylinder head from reputable manufacturers. Additionally, our commitment to competitive pricing, achieved through large monthly purchases and negotiations with suppliers, guarantees the greatest savings for our customers.

Sulzer Engine Cylinder Cover Features

The Sulzer engine cylinder head is a vital component of the Sulzer RTA series, known for its reliability and durability in marine applications.

Sulzer Engine Cylinder Head Specifications


Model Type


RTA48, RTA52, RD56, RTA58, RTA62, RLB66, RTA68, RND68, RTA72, RND76

We mainly supply the Sulzer engine cylinder head in various sizes, with bore sizes ranging from 380 to 960 mm, focusing primarily on the RTA series.This provides a power range of 1480 to 65,880 kW (2000-89,640 bhp), catering to a wide range of marine applications. The marine cylinder heads are specifically designed to meet market requirements and incorporate the benefits of technical developments, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Sulzer Engine Cylinder Cover Benefits

The Sulzer engine cylinder cover stands as a purpose-designed solution, specifically tailored for the economical propulsion of tankers and bulk carriers within the weight range of 20,000 to 300,000 tdw. Its unparalleled compact dimensions not only simplify the installation process, but also allow for a more flexible engine room design, optimizing space utilization. With an ideal power and speed matching capability, this marine cylinder head ensures exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness. 

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