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Mitsubishi engine cylinder head at Gosea Marine

MITSUBISHI Engine Cylinder Head

  • Engine Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Product Type: Cylinder head
  • Model Type: UEC37, UEC45, UET45, UEC52, UET52, LU28, LU32, LU35, LU46, LU50
  • Price: Upon request 
  • We supply OEM cylinder cover and reconditioning cylinder cover

Mitsubishi Cylinder Head At Gosea Marine

Gosea Marine is your trusted source for Mitsubishi engine cylinder head, catering to a wide range of Mitsubishi marine engine models, including the LU32 and UEC37, among others. We specialize in providing high-quality parts for both two-stroke and four-stroke Mitsubishi engines, ensuring compatibility and adherence to the highest standards of quality. 

Mitsubishi Engine Cylinder Head Model Type


Model Type


UEC37, UEC45, UET45, UEC52, UET52, LU28, LU32, LU35, LU46, LU50

The Three Series Of Mitsubishi Cylinder Cover

The UEC, UET, and LU series are different series of Mitsubishi engines, each with its own distinct characteristics and applications.

UEC(Unified Engine Control)

Robust cylinder heads designed for durability and efficient performance in Mitsubishi’s large, low-speed marine engines used in cargo vessels and tankers.

UET (Unified Engine Technology)

Marine cylinder covers optimized for enhanced combustion efficiency, power output, and emissions control in Mitsubishi’s medium-speed engines used in tugboats, workboats, and power generation applications.

LU (Landside Use)

Mitsubishi’s LU series encompasses high-speed marine engines that employ lightweight cylinder covers crafted with advanced materials, incorporating efficient cooling and lubrication systems to withstand the higher RPMs and temperatures associated with high-speed operation.

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