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Marine diesel engine has great adaptability to all kinds of ships because of its high thermal efficiency. Good economy and easy starting. Used for the ship’s main propulsion and auxiliary power for the ship.

Diesel marine engine according to its role in the ship can be divided into main and auxiliary machinery. The host used as the propulsion of the ship, and auxiliary machinery used to drive the generator, air compressor, or pump, etc.
However, ship engines are very prone to failures and cause marine disasters when exposed to harsh environments.
In order to ensure and improve the reliability of marine engines, it is imperative to select qualified and guaranteed engines for ships.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of marine diesel engines, we have a strong production capacity and rich experience in diesel boat engine sales and maintenance
Approval standard: International Association of Classification Societies (i.a.c.s.)

How to Choose Diesel Engine for Ship?

  1. First of all make sure shipping purposes. Only by determining the purpose of the ship can we determine the type and speed of the ship and whether the propeller is a pitch control propeller or a fixed pitch propeller. Ship by hydrodynamics calculation (such as the CSIC research capacity of 704, 708), model tank test, determine the speed according to requirements.
  2.  The material, size and shape of the propeller can be determined only after the ship type is determined.
  3. Only after determining the propeller can determine the diesel engine models.

The ship with fast speed, be like torpedo ship, patrol ship is higher to speed requirement, so ship diesel engine speed wants some taller, resemble tanker, bulk cargo ship, cement ship, the chemical ship is not very tall to speed requirement, general 15 section is ok, such general 512 turn diesel engine is enough.

Popular Marine Diesel Engine Models




(26MC, 35MC, 42MC, 50MC, 60MC, 70MC, 80MC, 90MC) (45GFCA, 55GFCA, 67GFCA, 80GFCA)


(RTA48, RTA52, RD56, RTA58, RTA62, RLB66, RTA68, RND68, RTA72, RND76)


(UEC37, UEC45, UET45, UEC52, UET52, LU28, LU32, LU35, LU46, LU50)


165, 180, 200, 210, 240, 260, 280, 330


6L20, 6L22, 6L26, 6L32


DS22, DK20, DK26, DK28, DK36


230, 320, CS21, G26, G32

As the best marine diesel engine manufacturer, we sell engines of all the above brands and others.

Types of Best Marine Diesel Engines

  • (1) Classification by working cycle. There are four-stroke and two-stroke ship diesel engine.
  • (2) Air intake. There are supercharged and non-supercharged diesel engines.
  • (3) Crankshaft speed. There are high speed, medium speed and low-speed diesel engines. High-speed diesel engine: N >1000r/min; Medium speed diesel engine: N =300 ~ 1000r/min; Low speed diesel engine: N <300r/min.
  • (4) Structural characteristics of diesel engine for boat. There are cylindrical piston type and crosshead type diesel engines; There are single-row cylinder and multi-row cylinder diesel engines. Engine assemblies and accessories
  • (5) The position of the diesel engine exhaust pipe. There are right or left single-row diesel engines. From the flywheel end to the free end, the single row diesel engine on the right side of the plane where the centerline of the cylinder is called the right single row diesel engine; The left side is called the left single-row diesel engine.
  • (6) Steering of diesel marine motor. From the flywheel end (power output end) to the free end, there are clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of the diesel engine. The former is called a dextral diesel engine, the latter is called a left-handed diesel engine.
  • (7) Can the ship diesel engine be reversed? The diesel engine whose crankshaft can only rotate in the same direction is called an irreversible diesel engine; A reversible diesel engine whose crankshaft can be changed by a steering mechanism.

Production Process of Marine Diesel Motors?

  • Machining — In the machining process, the marine engine cylinder block, cylinder liner, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod and other key parts for high precision, high-efficiency processing.
  • Assembly — After machining, assemble components in the correct torque and sequence as directed by our job navigation system.
  • Outfitting — Assembled engine placed on a pedestal, additional equipment such as generators, pumps, compressors and clutch, and any necessary pipes. According to the customer’s request, the engine can also be equipped with an electric hydraulic system for automatic and remote operation.
  • Test — Equipment, after the completion of each engine should pass the strict test of qualified engineers, and the actual working conditions under the condition of operation are equivalent to the ship.
    At the same time, also has carried on the further inspection, to determine whether it is in conformity with the ship’s safety “and a Japanese fishing hall and the international association of classification societies (IACS) members of the standard.
  • Transport — The engine after coating, antirust, transport and check, then packing and shipping to all over the world.

Marine diesels are the most popular type of marine engine on the market. They are able to produce a large amount of power and energy while being able to turn quickly.The quality of marine diesel engine parts must be very good.
There are many types of marine diesels available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for different applications. If you want to find out which is best for your boat, it’s best to consult with our  marine diesel expert or manufacturer.

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