Steam Traps Valve

In the steam system, Steam Trap Valve is called Steamtrap, which is also known as automatic drainers or condensate drainers. It is divided into two categories: steam system and gas system. Its function is to continuously discharge condensate water in the pipe heated by steam to the outside of the pipe, and is installed in the pipe terminal heated by steam.

The Main Function of Steam Trap

Tunstall steam traps come in several types, each of which performs differently. In order to ensure the best operation of steam heating equipment, the characteristics of the trap should be chosen, and then other objective criteria must be considered.

Steam traps with thermodynamic principles combine reliability, simplicity, and efficiency of operation. Using just one moving part (a stainless steel disc), they provide a clean, tight shutoff. Superheat, water hammer, corrosive condensate, freezing, and vibration are not a problem for them.






Stainless steel,carbon steel




1.0- 1.6Mmpa





Types of Steam Traps Valve

 Steam and condensed water must be able to be distinguished in marine traps, and steam must be blocked and water drained. Steam and condensed water are distinguished by three factors: poor density, temperature difference, and phase change. Three types of marine traps are based on three principles: mechanical, thermostatic, and thermodynamic.

1. Mechanical marine steam trap

Mechanical type uses the poor density of freezing water and steam. This type is also called the float type. In order to achieve steam blocking and drainage, the float rises and falls as the freezing water level changes.

Mechanical type marine traps include free float typefree half float typelever float typeinverted bucket typebell float type, etc.

2. Thermostatic steam trap valve

Marine trap valves utilize a temperature-sensing element that uses the temperature difference between steam and freezing water to operate or expand the valve core.
Thermostatic type marine traps include bellows typespot tube typebimetal type.

3. Thermal power type steamtrap

Based on the principle of phase change, this type of marine trap relies on the passage of steam and solidified water through the old flow rate and the size of the different thermal scientific principles, so that the valve plate initiates a different pressure difference between the upper and lower plates, which then switches the marine valve.

Thermodynamic type marine traps include thermodynamic type (disc type)electronic pulse typeorifice type.

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