Marine Radio Station

The term “Marine Radio Station” refers to radio transceiver equipment installed on ships, platforms, or installations at sea to provide communications services relating to transport and shipping management.

A marine radio station is required to hold a ship radio license issued by the competent authority of the ship’s country of registration. The identification of the ship station is expressed in 9 decimal digits.

The ship stations that meet the requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) are mainly composed of INMARSAT Ship Earth Station (INMARSAT-SES) and/or VERY high Frequency (VHF), medium/high frequency (MF/HF) radio communication equipment


10W volume output, broadcast, and fog signal functions – Our Marine Radio Station has a built-in 10W audio amplifier that amplifies the volume to external speakers.

Broadcast when you can use a microphone, like loudspeakers broadcast; The fog signal function can automatically emit fog signal through the external speaker.

Large LCD screen at a glance. Large backlit LCD display, information-rich comprehensive, intuitive and convenient operation.
Adopt professional backlight lighting technology, the brightness is adjustable, also can operate freely at night.

Sealed and waterproof design. The compact model can be in a meter of water depth, withstand the test of 30 minutes, the machine also has a speaker water removal function, radio can receive sound for a long time.

Front-facing high-definition speaker. Clear speech can be transmitted even in noisy Marine environments. Dual-frequency scan and triple frequency scan. During the operation of the current channel, if the CH-16 channel or another call channel suddenly calls, the local machine can still receive it.

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