Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors, also known as smoke fire detectors, smoke detectors, smoke detectors, smoke probes and smoke sensors, are mainly used in fire protection systems and in the construction of security systems. It is typical equipment from space fire fighting measures to civil use. The smoke detector mainly realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke.

The ion smoke sensor is used inside the smoke detector. The ion smoke sensor is a sensor with advanced technology and stable and reliable operation. It is widely used in the ship fire alarm system, and its performance is much better than that of the gas-sensitive resistor fire alarm.


  • The smoke detector produced by Gosea Marine has the characteristics of high sensitivity, stability, reliability and convenient use.
  • Its circuit and power supply can be self-checked and an analog alarm test can be carried out.
  • The product is suitable for fire alarms in ships, docks, warehouses and other places.
  • The product can effectively detect the smog generated in the initial smoldering stage of the fire or after it is generated.
  • When smoke enters the detector to scatter the light source, and the light-receiving element senses the light intensity.
  • When the light intensity reaches the predetermined threshold, the detector sends a fire alarm signal, the fire confirmation lamp (red) flashes, and starts the buzzer alarm.

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