Hand Pump For Boat

The hand pump for boat is an oil pump powered by hand. It sucks and discharges the oil with the volume change formed by the movement of the piston or scraper in the pump housing.

Application Of Hand Pump For Boat

 The hand pump for boat is suitable for pumping clean water, gasoline, kerosene, and noncorrosive liquids such as iron and copper. It is not suitable for liquids containing fiber or other solid particles. It only needs 1 ~ 2 people to shake the handle back and forth by hand. It can be used by industrial and mining, enterprises, schools, vehicles, ships, and other units.

Types of Marine Hand Pump

  • 25# square hand oil pump — The square hand pump is suitable for pumping noncorrosive oils such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, engine oil, and edible oil. The hand oil pump is a centrifugal rotary structure with an iron rotary body inside. The air in the pump is evacuated through hand motion to suck the oil from the oil inlet pipe, and the rotary body drives the pump blade to discharge the oil from the oil outlet pipe
  • 25# round hand oil pump — Purpose of circular hand pump: this type of hand pump is suitable for pumping oil, various lubricating oils, diesel, kerosene, edible oil, and other oils: This machine is a new type, small volume, good performance, easy to use, and has a filtering device.
  • 32# weighted round hand oil pump — The heavy-duty hand pump is suitable for small and medium-sized oil main heaters, gas stations, agricultural machinery stations, supply and marketing cooperatives, enterprise factory and mine fleets, vehicles, ships, and other units to absorb and deliver all kinds of oil, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, engine oil, food oil, etc. It has the advantages of compact structure, reliable quality, stable performance, and convenient movement.
  • Stainless steel hand pump — All stainless steel hand pumps use a wide range of steel grades; It is mainly applicable to the manual transportation of various edible oil, lubricating oil, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, and other media. The total length is 1350mm, the length of the suction pipe is 1080mm, and the oil pumping capacity is about 35L / min.
  • Aluminum alloy marine hand pump — The aluminum titanium alloy hand oil pump performs reciprocating action through the handle. The pressure increases to open the emergency shut-off valve, and the medium can pass through.

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