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Marine Hydraulic for Sale

Marine hydraulic system is used for small and medium-sized passenger ships, cargo ships, fishing vessels, salvage vessels and other vessels in the system.

Marine hydraulic system through pipeline transmission, the device can achieve all kinds of set action and work cycle, for the ship’s navigation and some operation, hydraulic power and intelligent program operation, simple, reliable and easy to operate.

Marine Hydraulic System Applications

Marine hydraulic motor is an executive component of hydraulic system, which transforms the liquid pressure energy provided by hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. Liquids are agents of transfer and motion.

Gosea Marine supplies many brands of motors, such as Bohua motorKawasaki MotorFukushima MotorHegron motorRexroth MotorUchida MotorSaao MotorMitsubishi MotorIshikawa MotorStafer motor,  etc.

Marine Hydraulic Station

Marine hydraulic station is composed of hydraulic pump, drive motor, oil tank, direction valve, throttle valve, relief valve and other hydraulic source device or including control valve hydraulic device. According to the flow direction, pressure and flow of the drive device requirements of oil supply, suitable for the drive device and hydraulic station separated from all kinds of machinery, the hydraulic station and the drive device (cylinder or motor) connected by tubing, the hydraulic system can achieve all kinds of the specified action.

Marine Hydraulic Pump

Marine Hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. It is driven by an engine or an electric motor, and the oil is inhaled from the hydraulic tank to form a pressure oil discharge and sent to the executive component. The hydraulic pump according to the structure is divided into gear pump, piston pump, vane pump and screw pump.

Marine Hydraulics Valve Group

Marien hydraulic valve group is an automatic component operated by pressure oil. It is controlled by the pressure oil of the pressure distribution valve and usually combined with the electromagnetic pressure distribution valve. It can be used to remotely control the on-off of the oil, gas and water pipe system of hydropower stations. Commonly used for clamping, controlling, lubricating and other oil routes. There are direct moving and pioneering, multi-purpose pioneering.

Marine Hydraulic Steering Gear

Hydraulic oil as the working medium, can make the ship rudder and maintain the rudder position of the device called hydraulic steering gear. According to the power source of different ways, can be divided into manual, electric, electric hydraulic steering gear. The electro-hydraulic steering gear is reliable, easy to operate, lightweight and durable, economical and convenient to maintain and manage, so it is an ideal steering device for ships.

Marine Hydraulic Cylinder

Marine Hydraulic cylinder is an executive component in the hydraulic transmission system. It is an energy conversion installation that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic motor realizes the continuous rotary motion, and the Marine hydraulic cylinder realizes the reciprocating movement. Hydraulic cylinder structure type piston cylinder, piston cylinder, swing cylinder three categories, piston cylinder and piston-cylinder to achieve linear reciprocating movement, output speed and thrust, swing cylinder to achieve reciprocating swing, output angular speed (speed) and torque.

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