Marine Hydraulic Station

Ship Hydraulic station is also called hydraulic pump station and Hydraulic Power Unit. Hydraulic station is composed of hydraulic pump, drive motor, oil tank, direction valve, throttle valve, relief valve and other hydraulic source device or including control valve hydraulic device.
According to the flow direction, pressure and flow of the drive device requirements of oil supply, suitable for the drive device and hydraulic station separated from all kinds of machinery, the hydraulic pressure stands and the drive device (cylinder or motor) connected by tubing, a hydraulic system can achieve all kinds of the specified action.

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Working Principle Of Hydraulic Station

Motor drive the oil pump, the pump from the fuel tank preview after oil absorption, can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure and hydraulic oil through the integrated block (or valve) by hydraulic valve realizes the direction, pressure and flow rate adjusted by the external pipeline transmission to the oil cylinder of hydraulic machinery or oil motor, so as to control the fluid motive direction of transformation, the size of the force and speed fast, Push various hydraulic machinery to do work.

Marine hydraulic station is independent of the hydraulic device and its oil supply, according to the requirements of the driving device (host) and control the oil flow direction, pressure and flow, it is suitable for the host and the hydraulic device can separate all kinds of hydraulic machinery, the oil pump driven by motor rotation, pump from the fuel tank preview after oil absorption, can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure.

Marine Hydraulic station maintenance

1. In case of pipeline oil leakage or other abnormal phenomena during the working process, stop the machine for maintenance immediately.
2. In order to prolong the service life of hydraulic oil, the oil temperature should be less than 65℃; Check the quality of hydraulic oil every three months, and replace it once a year to six months according to the quality of hydraulic oil.
3. To timely, observe the tank oil level gauge level, should be timely supplemented with the requirements of hydraulic oil, so as not to empty the pump.
4. To clean or replace the oil filter regularly.
5. Keep the working environment of the marine hydraulic power unit clean and tidy.

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