Marine Outboard Engine & Motor

Marine outboard motors are power devices that attach to the stern of boats and can propel them to sail. It consists primarily of an engine and transmission, an operation, suspension, and a boat propeller. It is compact, lightweight, easy to disassemble, simple to operate, and low noise. Suitable for use in inland rivers, lakes, and offshore. In the military, it is often used in boats, boats, and gate bridges that are used for reconnaissance, logging, river crossing, patrol, and other purposes. In addition to civil racing boats and yachts, short-distance transport boats and fishing boats can also be used. A maneuvering boat may be equipped with a variety of propellers depending on the boat and whether it is empty or fully loaded. In addition to gasoline engines, diesel engines and electric motors are also used, with a power range of 0.74 to 221 kilowatts and a weight range of 10 to 256 kilograms.  

Depending on their power, boat outboard motors are classified into 6 horsepower, 8 horsepower, 15 horsepower, and 30 horsepower. Most of them are two or four-stroke gasoline engines. Most of them are hand-cranked. The operator controls the direction with a lever. The conventional diesel engine is relatively heavy, cheap, and has serious noise and water pollution; two-stroke marine power is more economical, powerful, and simple to operate; four-stroke is better for the environment and for noise, with low fuel consumption and high performance, and it’s more durable. 

When a four-stroke gasoline outboard motor is used in place of a traditional marine diesel engine, the power is guaranteed, the energy consumption and pollution of the engine are significantly reduced, and the engine is also quieter. The promotion of energy-saving small fishing ships, agricultural ships, and self-use ships is therefore necessary. Small vessels and fishing boat typically have four-stroke outboard moter as their power system.

Classification of Ship Outboard Engine

According to the type of fuel, there are gasoline outboard engines, diesel outboard engines, LPG out board motor, and kerosene out board engines.
Depending on the position of the motor, it can be divided into motor-mounted and Electric Out board Engine types. 

Additionally, based on where the battery is located, they are divided into built-in and external. In general, smaller horsepower requires smaller battery capacity, and can be made into an integrated type, which is more convenient for users; larger horsepower requires a larger battery capacity, usually an external type.

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