Fire Fighting Equipment on Ship

What is marine fire fighting equipment? Marine fire fighting equipment or devices are devices or tools used to overcome the emergency fire situation on board. These equipment are not any random fire fighting equipment. These are specially designed and approved for use by the certification authority.

Each device of ship fire fighting equipment has its own function and consists it.
According to international rules and regulations, ships must carry the most basic marine fire-fighting equipment. Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire blankets, fire sprinkler systems and carbon monoxide detectors are one of the basic ship fire-fighting equipment.


  1. Manual fire alarm button: it is an equipment type in the fire alarm system. When a fire occurs, when the fire detector does not detect the fire, the personnel manually press the manual fire alarm button to report the fire signal.
  2. Automatic sprinkler system: it is composed of a sprinkler head, alarm valve group, water flow alarm device (water flow indicator or pressure switch), pipeline, and water supply facilities, and can spray water in case of fire. It is composed of a wet alarm valve group, closed sprinkler, water flow indicator, control valve, end water test device, pipeline, and water supply facilities.
  3. A foam fire extinguishing system is a fire extinguishing measure consisting of a set of equipment and procedures. It is composed of a fixed foam liquid fire pump, foam liquid storage tank, proportional mixer, conveying pipe of foam mixing liquid and foam generating device, etc., and is integrated into the water supply system. In case of fire, start the fire pump and open the relevant valves first, and the system can put out the fire.
  4. Fire broadcasting system: also known as the emergency broadcasting system, it is important equipment for fire escape and evacuation and fire fighting command and plays an important role in the whole fire control and management system. In case of fire, the emergency broadcast signal is sent out through the sound source equipment. After power amplification, the broadcast switching module switches to the speaker in the designated broadcast area to realize the emergency broadcast.
  5. Temperature-sensitive fire detector: it mainly uses thermal elements to detect fire. In the initial stage of fire, on the one hand, a large amount of smoke is generated, on the other hand, a large amount of heat is released during the combustion process, and the ambient temperature rises sharply. The thermal element in the detector changes physically and responds to abnormal temperature, temperature rate and temperature difference, so as to convert the temperature signal into an electrical signal and carry out alarm processing.

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