Marine Hatch Cover & Hatch Lid

Boat(ship) hatch covers and hatch lids are essential components used in the maritime industry to provide access and secure openings on ships and boats.

Marine hatch covers are large, typically rectangular or square, covers that seal the openings on the deck or superstructure of a vessel. They are designed to be robust, weatherproof, and watertight, ensuring the protection of the cargo, equipment, and personnel within the enclosed compartments. Hatch covers are commonly used in cargo holds, machinery spaces, storage areas, and other compartments that require secure access.

Boat Hatch lids is refer to smaller covers used to seal smaller openings or access points on board a vessel. They can be round, square, or rectangular in shape and are often installed on hatches, inspection ports, or compartments that require frequent access for inspection, maintenance, or ventilation purposes

Our Ship Hatch Cover for Sale

Our small boat hatch cover Used For Various Ships, Comply With IS 5778-1994.

Ship Steel Hatch Cover Size:



Structure Characteristic

Size (L*B)


Single-leaf weather-tight hatch cover

Wing nut clamp

450*630 530*530 630*630 630*830 830*830 830*1230 1030*1030 1330*1330


Double-leaf weather-tight hatch cover

Wedge handle clamp

450*630 560*530 630*630 630*830 830*830 830*1230


Quick-acting weather-tight hatch cover

Center rotating handle clamp

530*530 630*630 830*830


Flush-mounted weather-tight hatch cover

Reversible wedge handle clamp

530*530 630*630 630*830 830*830


Single-leaf non-weather-tight hatch cover

Wing nut clamp

450*630 530*530 630*630 630*830 830*830


Double-leaf non-weather-tight hatch cover

Wedge handle clamp

450*630 530*530 630*630 630*830 830*830

Our Types of Marine Hatch Cover

  1. Folding Hatch Covers: Folding hatch covers consist of multiple panels that can be folded or unfolded to provide access to the opening. They are commonly used in cargo holds and other large openings on ships.
  2. Sliding Hatch Covers: Sliding hatch covers are designed to slide horizontally to uncover the opening. They are often used in areas where vertical clearance is limited, such as machinery spaces or storage compartments.

  3. Lift-away Hatch Covers: Lift-away hatch covers are removable covers that can be lifted and completely removed from the opening. They are commonly used in areas where full access and clearance are required, such as engine rooms or large equipment compartments.

  4. Flush Hatch Covers: Flush hatch covers are designed to be flush with the deck when closed, creating a smooth and seamless surface.

  5. Quick-acting Hatch Covers: Quick-acting hatch covers are designed for rapid opening and closing. 

  6. Bolted Hatch Covers: Bolted hatch covers consist of panels that are secured to the opening using bolts or locking mechanisms.

  7. Hinged Hatch Covers: Hinged hatch covers are attached to the opening with hinges, allowing them to swing open and closed.

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