Marine Wireless Device

Gosea marine has been providing cutting-edge maritime wireless equipment.
Check various radio consoles, VHF radiotelephones, if / HF radiotelephones, and dual-channel NAVTEX receivers provided by the factory.


The equipment has large transmitting power and long communication distance, integrates data receiving and receiving, dynamic routing, relay forwarding and audio and video coding, and forms a wireless multi-hop broadband network with other morphological node devices, providing users with wireless transmission services of voice, data and video and other multimedia services.

It is especially suitable for remote coverage link communication, information convergence and transmission, regional coverage support, commanding point enhanced coverage and relay transmission node and other application scenarios.
The transmission power of the equipment can reach 3W (35dBm), the transmission distance between the equipment can reach more than 100km from point to point, and the transmission distance between the fixed point and the moving point can reach 30km.

Due to the unique software application design, the system has four communication modes: Base station model, user standing, one on one bridge, the mesh network, meshwork mode, the function of five types of combination of mesh, the mesh is the product going on under the condition of network more flexible and convenient, equipment and support roaming network function at the same time, after the mobile base stations or mobile fixed base station can freely switch between a different base station,

Roaming mode also has four small communication modes, very intimate, so that users in the actual application handier.
The advanced MESH design concept does not need the central gateway, and any device can realize the self-organizing network function. If any device in the group is offline, the corresponding device will continue to communicate within the effective coverage range of the antenna, ensuring that the network is not offline.

In practical application, we can adopt the ring network design without worrying about the problem of ring network blockage.
Besides the wireless terminal, the wired network port of the product also has the mesh function, which can be used as required in the actual application environment.

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