Marine Interphone

Marine Interphone is highly professional device. Its service environment is bad, the range of ship activities is wide, and the sea temperature changes greatly. To meet the needs of global maritime safety navigation, its product design is very professional and its working frequency is unified. According to the unified provisions of international maritime communication, the working frequency range of Marine Interphone TX is 156.025mhz-157.425mhz, RX ranges from 156.050mhz to 163.275mhz. The marine interphone generated by Gosea Marine is applicable to cruise ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, and yachts.


  • Made of high-quality materials, fully sealed waterproof design, falling into the water, floating flashing light prompt!
  • Our Marine Interphone has a loudspeaker output, and the received sound can be very clear.
  • It has strong corrosion resistance and can well adapt to the harsh environment onboard
  • It is easy to operate and can be operated by unskilled personnel. Most functions can be completed with one hand.
  • High performance and high reliability. Each interphone has been strictly tested to ensure that the performance parameters and reliability meet the requirements.
  • The concave-convex design of the knob is convenient for operation and feels good. The knob can be repeated many times without damage.
  • The machine adopts a fully enclosed design, and the battery is directly built into the machine. There is no need to disassemble the battery for charging, which ensures the waterproof effect of the machine and a long standby time.

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