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Marine Emergency Life Raft & Safety Raft

Marine Liferaft means a raft capable of sustaining the lives of persons in distress from the time the ship is abandoned. The life raft plays an important role in the rescue of the ship in distress, and its importance is second only to the Emergency Lifeboat. In some unexpected situations, such as when the ship sinks suddenly, the  emergency life raft can quickly and automatically inflate and float automatically. In addition, it has the advantages of light weight, small storage volume, easy maintenance, and good economy.

Fitted for emergency cases out of danger area or the wreck of the ship of emergency evacuation and rescue facilities and equipment, also as a special flood disaster prevention equipment.

Crewsaver liferaft is second only to motor lifeboat effective water survival equipment, and in some ways is better than the lifeboat, especially when the ship is in distress have serious trim and heel, the boat could not put it, the rescue raft will still be able to effectively work, therefore the raft on the ship and the lifeboat had the same important position.

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Type of Marine Life Raft & Safety Raft

Liferafts are divided into inflatable liferafts and rigid liferafts according to their structure; According to the launching method, it can be divided into throwing type life raft and hanger landing type (can be suspended) life raft.

Inflatable safety raft can be divided into Type A (Type A) and Type B (Type B) according to the requirements of the navigation area:
According to the purpose, there are also open double-sided inflatable life rafts for high-speed boats, inflatable life rafts for fishing gear, self-righting life rafts for passenger rolling ships or reversible life rafts with roofs, etc.

There are two types of inflatable safety raft: Type A and Type B. The differences are:
(1) Type A canopy with air gap, and Type B canopy without air gap;
(2) The calculation coefficient of the occupant quota is larger for Type A and smaller for Type B;
(3) Attachments are equipped with different quotas;
(4) During the inflation test, the height of the launching water is 18m for Type A and 12m for Type B.

The rigid life raft is composed of a rigid floating body made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or galvanized plate and the bottom of the raft. It is symmetrical up and down and left and right, and can be used no matter which side is up. Rigid liferafts are large in size and unsatisfactory in use, so they are rarely used at present.

Method of Use of Offshore Life Raft

  1. The Life Raft are usually folded and packaged and stored in FRP storage cylinders, which are generally arranged on the raft racks on both sides of the ship. During installation, the raft frame shall be welded firmly on the ship deck to ensure that the storage cylinder is in an upright position on the raft, and it shall be fixed with a binding rope. One end of the binding rope is connected with the raft frame, the other end is connected with the manual decoupling assembly, and the manual decoupling assembly is connected with the hydrostatic pressure relief device fixed at the other end raft frame.
  2. The first cable drawn from the storage barrel of the offshore Life float shall be firmly tied to the connecting ring of the hydrostatic pressure releaser, and a breakable rope shall be connected on the connecting ring, and the other end of the breakable rope shall be connected to the splint of the hydrostatic pressure releaser.
  3. It is not allowed to pull the head cable out of the storage barrel at ordinary times.

General requirements for boaat life raft

1, Offshore Life Raft structure, should be able to withstand all sea conditions exposed floating up to 30 days;

2, The structure of the life raft should make it from 18m height into the water, the use can be satisfactory;
3. When the canopy is propped up and not propped up, the floating liferaft should be able to withstand repeated jumps from a height of at least 4.5m above the bottom of the raft;
4. When the liferaft is fully loaded with all crew and equipment and a sea anchor is laid down, it shall be able to be towed in calm water at a speed of 3 kn;
5. The liferaft shall be provided with a roof to protect the occupants from exposure, which can be automatically raised after the liferaft has landed and when it reaches the surface of the water, and facilities for collecting rainwater;
6. There shall be one effective head cable, the length of which shall not be less than 2 times or 15m of the distance from the storage place to the lightest load navigation waterline, whichever is greater;
7, Each life raft should be equipped with the requirements of the equipment;
8, Emergency Life Raft should also be free-floating device.

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