Aluminum Boat Parts

Aluminum alloys for ships are mainly aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys and aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys.
According to the position used, it is divided into aluminum alloy for upper outfitting and aluminum alloy for hull structure.

The perch includes mast, porthole, chimney, wheelhouse, etc., and the hull structure includes partition, floor, keel, bottom outer plate and ship side, etc. 

The commonly used aluminum alloy profiles for portholes in the superstructure of ships are 6063 aluminum alloys, and 6063 and 6061 aluminum alloys are often used for masts and gangways.

In addition, the use of extruded aluminum-magnesium alloy for the siding prevents deformation during welding and ensures a more reasonable stress distribution. In the hull structure, the application rate of aluminum-magnesium alloys is relatively high, among which 5454 and 5052 aluminum alloys are the main materials for manufacturing decks.

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