Marine Stud Link Anchor Chain

Stud Link Anchor Chain is a specific type of ship anchor chain commonly used in marine and offshore applications. It is characterized by its interlocking stud connections, which provide secure and reliable anchoring capabilities. Here are some key features and characteristics:

  1. Interlocking Studs: Stud Link Anchor Chain is constructed with studs or bolts at the end of each link. These studs fit into corresponding recesses in the adjacent links, creating a strong and secure connection. The interlocking design ensures that the chain remains intact and prevents accidental detachment under high loads or tension.

  2. High Tensile Strength: Stud Link Chain is designed to withstand heavy loads and tension. It is made from high-strength steel, which provides the necessary strength and durability required for anchoring large vessels and offshore structures.

  3. Standardized Sizes and Grades: It is available in standardized sizes and grades according to industry standards and regulations. The size of the ship chain is typically specified by its diameter, while the grade refers to the chain’s minimum breaking load (MBL) or ultimate strength. Common grades for stud link anchor chain include U2 and U3, with U3 being the stronger grade.

Our Stud Link Anchor Chain Dimensions

Our company’s advanced facilities including a fully automatic anchor chain heat treatment line and automated forging production line. We specialize in manufacturing U2 and U3-class stud link anchor chain, ranging from 12.5mm to 162mm in size. Our popular stud link chain dimensions are 48mm stud link, 73mm stud link, 87mm stud link, 111mm and other large ship anchor chain.

  • Classification society certificates: CCS, BV, LR, ABS, DNV, NK, KR, RS, and RINA can be provided to meet different customer needs.

Stud Link Anchor Chain Specifications


Yield Strergth (N/mm2, min)

Tensile Strength (N/mm2, min)

Elongation (%, min)

Reduction Of Area (%, min)

V-notch impact test Temperature

V-notch impact test Impact




















>45, >33(weld)

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