Marine Windscreen Wiper

Gosea Marine produces the world’s best professional marine windscreen wiper systems for all kinds of vessels in the commercial and leisure sectors.

We offer a wide range of high-performance motors, innovative arms, durable blades, controls and washing systems. In this way, Gosea Marine can compile a complete wiper system that fulfills the specific demands and wishes of the customer.


  • For commercial and pleasure vessels.
  • Innovative arms.
  • Durable blades, controls, washing systems.
  • All HD and MD arms and blades are constructed with 316 stainless steel.


Our windscreen wipers have stainless steel shafts and fixings. The drive shafts run in self-lubricating brass bearings to ensure many hours of trouble-free performance. The wipers feature two speeds, self-parking, and offer in combination with one of our many control systems intermittent speeds, smart wipe/wash function, and on certain system synchronized wiping.

Gosea Marine marine windscreen wipers are made of high-quality materials to assure many years of reliable work. The wiper systems are designed in our own Research and Development Centre and have undergone intensive testing. Exalto offers complete systems.


A typical marine windscreen wiper system contains:

  • Wiper motors.
  • Wiper arms.
  • Wiper blades.
  • Wiper controls.
  • Washing systems.

How to Choose

Sizing the right windscreen wiper blades and arms for your boat. The size and shape of the glass that has to be wiped determine which motor, arm, and blade are needed. The larger the wiping area, the larger the arms and blades have to be to cover that area.

The larger the arms and blades are, the stronger the motor has to be. Therefore we divided our products in sections: large windows (1100-2500mm in height), medium and small-sized windows (till 1100mm in height).

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