The Limits Of Value Are The Limits Of Products

Gosea Marine (Dalian) Co., Ltd was established in Dalian, Liaoning province.

Adhering to the mission of “more efforts, for a better service”, we’re dedicated to offering a fast, reliable “one-stop” service to all of our partners. During the rapid growth, we stick to our commitment to every customer. Our faithful service allows us to cooperate with excellent shipowners and shipyards in Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, Greece, Italy, etc.

Make sure the ship can be provided with the best high-quality products is a permanent principle.

Our Main Marine Parts for Sale

With over 20 years of experience, Gosea Marine has been a trusted supplier of top-quality marine equipment and parts to shipyards and shipowners worldwide. Our extensive product range includes deck equipment(Marine Deck Crane, Marine Winch), marine anchors and anchor chains, pumps, marine valves, ship propellers, container lashing equipment, hydraulic motors and pumps.

Our Team

Adward Liu


Managing Director

As the founder and general manager of Gosea Mairne Co., Ltd, his role encompasses global strategic planning for products and services, as well as process management and comprehensive optimization. With a focus on delivering excellence, he ensures efficient operations and continuous improvement to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Amy Wang


Sales Director

As the Sales Director, she brings a wealth of experience in the marine industry, accumulated over many years. Her extensive knowledge and expertise enable her to effectively navigate the complexities of the marine field, providing valuable insights and delivering exceptional results. With a strong track record in sales, she is dedicated to serving customers and driving business growth in the marine sector.



Production Engineer

As Production Engineer, he brings extensive experience in the marine industry to the table. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing production processes within this specialized field ensures smooth and efficient operations. With a strong understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of the marine sector, he is adept at implementing effective strategies and optimizing production workflows.



At Gosea Marine Supplies, we are committed to providing you with a high level of customer care and outstanding customer service.

We share – When we learn something, it’s our job to impart this knowledge to our customers.

By sharing with our family, we’re not only providing them with useful and practical information, but we’re inviting them to share a bit of themselves, too. The better we know each other, the better we can tailor a solid platform to offer the products and services they want.

We thrive on Knowledge – We’re driven by knowing everything we can, in superior detail.

Customers love to deal with companies that know their stuff, especially when a certain degree of technical know-how is required – so we do our best to have a great working understanding of all our products, and how they fit into the bigger picture. This extends to knowing our customers too; becoming familiar with them and remembering how they work is crucial to developing strong bonds.

We’re Honest – By being genuine and openly realistic, the customer can trust our brand.

This might include matching a customer to their ideal product based on their needs or signposting the timescales of services. No matter how an opportunity manifests itself, by always being honest the customer will respect and value the Gosea Marine brand for it.

We Innovate – With the latest technologies and methods at our fingertips, we ensure the interest of corresponding customers.

We must update our product ranges to stay in touch with the latest in marine technology, with a view to catering to those customers who operate within that scope. In addition, by utilizing photo and video customer service tools, we are able to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

We get it right – We’re great at getting things the perfect the first time. When things do go wrong, we rectify the situation.

If we treat our customers well, they’ll forgive us if things go amiss from time to time. It’s our job to ensure that we not only solve the problem but that we learn from it. We should always keep our knowledge up to date, and if in doubt, ask. We never provide unverified information. To ensure we maintain this value, we place the utmost importance on training our staff to the highest standard.






Creating value is the most important principle in our development philosophy. As such, under the premise of solving the customer’s problems better, our crawler crane parts in the construction machinery market have continuously achieved outstanding performance and widespread praise.

For more than 20 years, we have improved our manufacturing capacity by introducing advanced processing equipment and a perfect product quality management system.


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