Shipping Twistlock Container

Traditional shipping container twist locks are manually locked and unlocked by operating levers. Rotate the movable part around the vertical axis to lock the device and container on the twist lock foundation on the hatch cover or other container.

Shipping Container Twistlock Product Details

  1. Standard: ISO
  2. Material: 45# steel forging lock cylinder, steel casting shell.
  3. Weight: 250kN
  4. Minimum breaking: 500kN
  5. Component force: 420kN
  6. Bearing capacity: 2000kN
  7. Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing

Semi-automatic Twistlock

Semi-automatic container twistlocks its role with the manually twist lock. Because the semi-automatic twist lock has no loading and unloading work to climb to the container will be installed and take down the process of this advantage, so it can minimize the work on the danger of high work, so as to ensure the safety of this kind of twist lock has been vigorously promote the application. 

Same specifications as container twist lock, Goseamairne also produces other types of Twistlock, including MIDLOCK, Dovetail twist locks, Bottom dovetail twist locks.


The Container Turnbuckle is used to connect the upper and lower corners of the container. The twist-lock in the middle of the container can be divided into left twist lock and right twist lock, that is, when the operating handle is in the solid line position, the twist lock is in the nonlocking state, and when the operating handle rotates from right to left to the limit position, the container twist-lock reaches the tightening state.

Therefore, when in use, the operating handle should first be placed in the non-locking state and placed in the corner hole or protruding base on the top of the lower container.

After the upper container is stacked, turn the operating handle to connect the container with the base. When unloading the box, first use the twist lock operating lever to turn the operating handle to the twist lock nonlocking position before unloading the box.

Container Operating Rod

The Container Operating Rod is a long, typically metal rod with a hook or specialized attachment at one end. It is designed to reach and engage the twistlocks located on the corners of shipping containers. By inserting the rod into the twistlock mechanism and applying force, the twistlock can be unlocked or released, allowing the container to be lifted or separated from other containers.

For Semi Automatic Twistlock

For Manual Twistlock

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