Marine Horn Signals

Marine horn is a navigation device with compression as a sound source, A ship air horn is a whistle powered by steam. General is hollow tube shape, the use of steam into the holes or sharp edges, gave a loud whistle due to vibration. which is suitable for all kinds of ships and environments, such as rapid drifting, marine surfing, offshore platform, water rescue, yacht going to the sea, etc.

The horn of ship can also be used to ship and the ship collision between manipulation of the exchange of information, while the ship left port berth shore communication, when the ship accidents occurred to give information to the vessel crew or passengers.

  • Product material: pure copper, wood, leather
  • Sound quality: clear and loud
  • Product packaging: carton, wooden box
  • Sound generation principle: clear and loud warning sound is generated by manual air pressure principle.

Marine Air Horn Feature

Marine air horn has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable quality, clear sound, large volume, and low gas consumption. In addition, our ship horns complie with the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea (COLREG) 1972 and the rules for statutory inspection of ships at sea issued by the China Ship Inspection Bureau.

Ship Horn for Sale and Its Advantage

  1. OEM support
  2. Accept small orders
  3. Good quality and reasonable price
  4. Safe and fast delivery
  5. Good after-sales service
  6. 15 years working experience

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