Boat Transmission

Boat Transmission refers to devices between the main engine and the shaft system, such as couplings, clutches, reduction gearboxes, fluid couplings, etc.

Ship’s transmission device is the entire device that transmits power from the main engine to the propeller.

Marine gear is a great thing. It is coupled with all the torque that a large diesel or gas engine can transmit to the rotating propeller shaft, so it must be built like a tank.

Additionally, marine tranmission was subjected to tens of thousands of shifts from neutral to mounted during its lifespan, and could rotate in reverse, so it needed to be built with clock-like precision. Combined with the latest electro-hydraulic computer drive technology. A boatman’s high-quality marine gear is one of the most sophisticated gears he owns.

Of course, boat gearboxes must thrive in the high temperature and salt corrosion steam bath of the engine room.

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Marine Diesel Engine Unit
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What is a ship’s transmission?

In addition to transmitting power, the equipment that transmits power from the main engine to the propeller can also decelerate and absorb shocks. Using the marine transmission equipment, the boat can also change the direction of rotation of the propeller. There are slight differences in transmission equipment due to the types of main engines. In general, it consists of a reducer, a clutch, a coupling, a thrust bearing, and a ship shaft.

As well as low-speed diesel engines, marine main engines have relatively high speeds, especially steam turbines and gas turbines, which can reach thousands of revolutions per minute or even more. Propeller efficiency decreases when the speed is too high (a ship’s propeller usually turns about 100 to 200 revolutions per minute). Because of this, the ship transmission is not only a transmission problem, but also a deceleration and clutch problem.

Ship transmission devices include direct transmission, gear transmission, electric transmission, hydraulic transmission, adjustable pitch propeller transmission, and hook-up.


Our Marine Engine Gearbox Advantage

1. Providing you with motivation is our expertise in propulsion system technology. our boat gearboxes are high-quality, reliable devices designed to provide the best performance. You can equip your new engine with a marine gearbox if you are repowering your boat.
Enjoy the reliability of the new marine gearbox. As part of our application engineering support, we can help you make the right choice if you decide to switch to another product.  

2. We provide marine transmissions and controls for re-power projects. Contact the person who made the new part if you want to replace instead of rebuild. Replacement parts are produced according to the same high standards and are backed by a factory warranty. A large inventory means less time spent searching for parts, which means less time in the yard and more time on the water.

3. To support the renovation project, we have sales and service organizations. Gosea Marine has a well-trained workforce with extensive knowledge of the marine industry. During the re-supply process, we can provide advice and contact information for any step.

4.  With relationships with all engine OEMs, we provide freedom of choice for your Repower. In most cases, Gosea Marine ship transmission can be designed and implemented to match almost any engine manufacturer, so the gearbox, transmission ratio, and configuration can be matched to almost any engine.  

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