What is a Butterfly Valve

Marine butterfly valves are used to control the flow of air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal, and radioactive materials. It is primarily responsible for cutting off and throttling traffic in the pipeline. It consists of a disc-shaped butterfly plate that rotates around its own axis to open and close the valve.

Ship Butterfly Valve Size

Butterfly Calve Dimensions Diameter



Water, Oil, Gas, Acid, and Alkali Corrosion Liquid


Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel Butterfly valve




Thread,Flange,Welding,Butt Welding


Handle, Worm and Gear Transmission, Power-driven and Being Pneumatic

Our Marine Butterfly Valve Types

Our product model code: Series MD, Worm Gear, wafer butterfly valves, Concentric Disc, EPDM Seat, 1.6MPa (200PSI), DI Body, ALB Disc, with Pin, motorized butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, and more.



609 BFV


Bonded Seat BFV


Europe Soft Seat BFV


Lined Teflon BFV


Grooved End BFV




Metal Seated BFV


Long Neck BFV


Mark BFV


Australia BFV


Screw End BFV


U-Section BFV


Heavy Duty BFV


Europe Hard-Seat BFV


Soft seal wafer style butterfly valve

The A-pattem and LT-pattern wafer butterfly valves produced by our factory incorporates advanced technology of U.S.A those are produced by the fist factory in China, which factory has produced wafer butterfly valve for more than thirty years. The production has won many national awards for high quality. The driving modes include handle, worm and gear transmission,pneumatic and power-driven, etc. The path range is DN25-DN1200.

Wafer butterfly valve Performance specification

Nominal pressure (MPa)

Nominal diameter DN(mm)

Test pressure Shell (MPa)

Test pressure Seal (MPa)

Applicable medium

Drive way





Fresh water, sewage, seawater,.air, steam, foodstuff, medicine,various oils, acids and alkalis, etc

Handle, worm and gear transmission.power-driven and being pneumatic




Flanged butterfly valve

The centre plate flanged butterfly valve is the latest patent product, which combines some advantages of eccentric flange butterfly valve and wafer valve. As well as fills the gap between eccentric flange butterfly valve and wafer butterfly valve.

  • Both sides of sealing performance are choiceness, and the torque value is small, also the performance of machining parts is superior.
  • The flange connection butterfly valve is convenient to install, which can be installed vertically or horizontal.
  • The seal ring of valve seat combines with valve body organically, from this way the marine valve has longer service life.

Flanged butterfly valve performance parameter

Nominal pressure



Nominal diameter



Test pressure shell



Test pressure seal



Suitable temperature


Applicable medium

Fresh water, sewage, seawater, air, steam,various oils

Drive way

Handle, worm and gear transmission, power-driven and being pneumatic

Double eccentric butterfly valve

This butterfly valve is newest soft seal double eccentric flange butterfly valve produced by our factory, which is mainly used for systems of waterworks, power plant, steel mill smelting, paper making, chemical industry, water source project and environmental infrastructure development, etc to drain off water, especially suitable as devices of adjusting and stop-check on the waterway pipe.

  • It meets the standard of GB/T12238-89 《General Valve Flange and Wafer Connection Butterfly Valve》.
  • The experiment meets the standard of GB/T13927-92 《General Valve Pressure Test》.
  • The side flange connection meets the standard of GB/T 9119 Entirety Cast Iron Pipe Flange, simultaneously meets the flange connection standard of PN1.OMPa,PN1.6MPa in BS4504,IS02084,DIN2501.

Double eccentric butterfly valve parameter

Nominal pressure



Nominal diameter



Test pressure shell



Test pressure seal



Suitable temperature


Applicable medium

Fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, etc

Manual butterfly valve

manual butterfly valve is a type of valve that controls the flow of a fluid (liquid or gas) through a pipe or duct. It is called a “butterfly” valve because of the disk inside the valve, which resembles the shape of a butterfly. This disk is mounted on a rod or shaft in the center of the valve.

Electric butterfly valve

The electric butterfly valve is a type of valve that uses an electric actuator to control the opening and closing of the valve. It combines the functionality of a butterfly valve with an electric motor-driven actuator, allowing for remote or automated operation. Similar to a manual butterfly valve, the valve body is a circular or oval-shaped housing with inlet and outlet ports. The disk, also known as the butterfly, is positioned at the center of the valve body.

How Does a Butterfly Valve Work

The ship butterfly valve is controlled by a butterfly disc and a vertical radial stem. Turning the handwheel causes the stem to drive the disc to rotate; when the disc and medium flow direction are in a vertical position, the valve is closed; when the disc and medium flow direction are in an angle or parallel position, the valve is open. It is possible to adjust the valve flow by changing the disc and medium flow of the relative angle.

Marine butterfly valves are not imported and exported, can flow both ways, and are globe valves. Because the butterfly valve switch is controlled directly by pulling the stem, automatic control is easy. Pneumatic and electric control modes are commonly used. Angle indicators are generally installed on the upper part of valves to facilitate understanding of opening and closing.

The stainless steel butterfly valve and wafer valves is suitable for large flow and low-pressure places.

Ship Butterfly Valve Application

Our high performance butterfly valves can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal, and radioactive media. It is primarily responsible for cutting off and throttling in the pipeline. 

High Performance Butterfly Valves Function

  1. Open and close convenient and quick, labor-saving, fluid resistance is small, can be often operated.
  2. Simple structure, small volume, lightweight.
  3. Can transport mud, at the mouth of the pipe deposit liquid at least.
  4. Under low pressure, can achieve good sealing.
  5. Our Marine electric butterfly valve with good regulation performance.

Ship Flanged Butterfly Valve Advantage

  1. Ensure the valve’s service life by casting blanks with high precision, small deformations, good appearance, as well as dense internal quality and good metallography structure. Reduce porosity, shrinkage, cracks, and other defects.
  2. Using advanced production equipment, to ensure valve sealing face accuracy with angle finish and matching sealing pair requirements.
  3. Advanced assembly equipment and excellent personnel make the assembly process a success. Every product is tested for pressure sealing performance and quality by butterfly valve manufacturer.

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