Marine Safety Valve & Pressure Relief Valve

When the pressure in the equipment or pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the pressure relief valve, it automatically opens the pressure relief, to ensure that the media pressure in the equipment and pipeline is under the set pressure, to protect the equipment and pipeline, to prevent accidents.





Stea, Gases, Vapours, Liquids


Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze


Flange, Thread, Welding

Safety Relief Valve Application

The safety valve plays a safety and protection role in the system. When the system pressure exceeds the specified value, the pressure releif valve opens, the system of a part of the gas/fluid discharge into the atmosphere/pipe outside, so that safety valve systems pressure don’t exceed the allowable value.

The Types of Safety Valve

The structure of the safety valve

According to its overall structure and the different loading mechanism can be divided into three kinds of hammer lever safety valve, spring loaded safety relief valve and pulse type.

hammer lever safety valve

Hammer lever safety valve is to use the hammer and lever to balance the force acting on the valve flap. According to the principle of leverage, it can use a smaller mass of the hammer to obtain a larger force through the increasing action of the lever, and adjust the opening pressure of the safety valve by moving the position of the hammer (or changing the mass of the hammer).

spring loaded safety relief valve

The spring-loaded micro-opening safety valve utilizes the force of a compressed spring to balance the forces acting on the valve flap. The amount of compression of the helical coil shaped spring can be achieved by turning it.

pulse safety valve

Pulse safety valve consists of the main valve and auxiliary valve, through the auxiliary valve of the pulse effect to drive the main valve action, its structure is complex, usually only applicable to a large amount of safety discharge boilers and pressure vessels.


  • Compact structure, reliable operation, simple overall operation, convenient maintenance.
  • Casting blank high precision, small deformation, good appearance quality, but also to have dense internal quality and good metallography structure, reduce the porosity, shrinkage, and cracks and other defects can ensure the service life of the valve.
  • Advanced production equipment, to ensure that the valve sealing face in the processing accuracy with Angle finish and matching sealing pair requirements.
  • The assembly equipment is advanced and the personnel is excellent. Before leaving the factory, each product is tested for the performance and quality of the pressure seal by safety valve company.

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