Ship Rescue and Marine Fire Fighting Equipment

Here at Gosea Marine we offer a complete range of modern fire fighting equipment designed to maximize protection and minimize loss of life, injury, and damage to property.

Our range includes marine controller, marine alarm, marine fireman outfit, marine fire equipment, marine level remote control system, marine sound & light alarm, lifeboat, life float, and more. Our marine fire fighting solutions can be of any capacity and configuration.

Our Marine Safety Equipment for Sale

Our company specializes in ship rescue and fire equipment. Our products include inflatable rafts, fiberglass storage cylinders, hydrostatic pressure release devices, life jackets, life jacket lights, life suits, insulation equipment, and other marine life-saving products. We also offer positive pressure air breathing apparatus, emergency escape breathing apparatus, proportional mixers, international shore connections, and other fire protection products. In addition, we provide diving suits, diving equipment, and other diving products. Our fiberglass products include hoses, life jackets, EEBD storage boxes, life buoy release devices, safety drawing tubes, and more.

Our company is also involved in the production and sales of life rafts and lifeboats. We offer life rafts for 6-150 people, lifeboats for 6-200 people, and lifting equipment

All our products conform to the standards of IMO, SOLAS, EU, EN, and other regulatory bodies. We can provide CCS, BV, DNV, LR, NK, and other classification society certificates.


We also supply associated spares, accessories, and refill packs. Our highly experienced team of advisors also provides a range of service, maintenance, and inspection options needed for fire safety equipment. To find out more about the products and services we can provide, please click through to see our full range or contact us for further details and a quotation.

Main Products

Fire equipment
Fireman Outfit
Level Remote Control System
life raft
Sound Light Alarm
Life Vest
Life Vest

Our Products Appear On:

  • Bulk Carriers.
  • Combat Vessels.
  • Container Vessels.
  • Cruise Liners.
  • Ferries.
  • Fire-fighting Vessels.
  • FPSO and FSO Vessels.
  • LNG Carriers.
  • Offshore Drilling Platforms and Drill Ships.
  • VLCC Tankers.- Workboats.
  • Yachts.

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Gosea Marine’s range of marine systems are appropriate for every size vessel-from yachts to aircraft carriers. Whether a recreational or commercial vessel, Gosea Marine delivers proven system solutions that have been tested and approved by marine regulatory agencies throughout the world. 

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