Shipping Container Hooks

Shipping container hooks, also known as container lifting hooks or container hooks, are specialized lifting devices designed to securely attach to shipping containers for handling and transportation purposes. These hooks are typically used in industries such as logistics, construction, and shipping to efficiently lift, move, and position containers.

Container Lifting Hooks

Hook lift containers are designed to provide a safe and reliable connection between the lifting equipment, such as marine cranes or forklifts, and the container. They are engineered to withstand the weight and stresses involved in lifting heavy containers, ensuring the stability and integrity of the cargo during transport.

Container Hooks Parameter

Dimenisons A (IN.)

Dimenisons C (IN.)

Dimenisons D (IN.)

Dimenisons W (IN.)

Breaking Load (T)






Clevis Slip Hook

Clevis slip hooks are a type of container lifting hooks and rigging applications. They are designed to securely connect chains, cables, or straps to various loads or equipment. The hook features a clevis pin that can be inserted through the end of the hook, allowing for easy attachment and detachment of the load. Clevis slip hook is typically made from forged alloy steel or other high-strength materials to ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear. The materials used should comply with relevant industry standards to ensure safe and reliable performance.

Eye Slip Hook

Eye slip hooks, also known as eye grab hooks or eye sling hooks, are specialized hooks used in lifting and rigging applications. Eye slip hook has a U-shaped design with a closed eye at one end and a hook at the other end. The closed eye provides a secure attachment point for connecting lifting or rigging equipment, while the hook is used to grab onto the load.

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