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MITSUBISHI Engine Cylinder Liner

  • Engine Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Product Type: Cylinder liner
  • Liner Type: UEC37, UEC45, UET45, UEC52, UET52, LU28, LU32, LU35, LU46, LU50
  • Price: Upon request 
  • Gosea Marine provides OEM and reconditioned Mitsubishi cylinder liner

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Cylinder Sleeve Brand 

Cylinder Sleeve Type


UEC37, UEC45, UET45, UEC52, UET52, LU28, LU32, LU35, LU46, LU50

Mitsubishi cylinder sleeve type

We offer a diverse range of Mitsubishi engine cylinder liner, including the UEC, UET, and LU series.Crafted from high-quality materials such as cast iron or steel alloy, our marine cylinder liners possess outstanding strength, thermal conductivity, and wear resistance. 

Gosea Marine is committed to providing a one-stop service for all your marine engine needs. In addition to our wide range of Mitsubishi engine cylinder liners, we offer a comprehensive selection of other marine engine spare parts. From pistons and piston rings to cylinder heads, gaskets, and bearings, we have everything you need to keep your marine engine running smoothly. 

Different Kind Of Mitsubishi Cylinder Sleeve

Mitsubishi offers a range of marine cylinder liner options for their engines, including wet liners and dry liners, specifically designed to meet the requirements of various models.

Mitsubishi Wet Cylinder Liner

The UEC37 engine model is equipped with wet cylinder sleeves. These wet liners incorporate water jackets surrounding the cylinder liners, allowing for direct contact with the engine’s cooling water. This design facilitates efficient heat transfer and helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring reliable and efficient performance in marine applications.

Mitsubishi Dry Cylinder Liner

The UEC52 and UET52 engine models utilize dry cylinder sleeves. These dry liners do not have water jackets surrounding them. Instead, they rely on the engine’s cooling system to indirectly dissipate heat. As the cooling water circulates through the engine block, it absorbs heat from the combustion chamber, indirectly cooling the dry liners. 

If you want to know the kind of other Mitsubisbi cylinder liner, contact us now, our professional team will give you the anwer with your specific engine type.

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