Ship Aluminum Plate & Aluminum Sheet

 Aluminum plate refers to aluminum materials with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, a width of more than 200mm, and a length of less than 16m called aluminum sheets or aluminum sheets. With the progress of large equipment, there are many aluminum plates with a maximum width of 600mm).

Aluminum plates are thicker than aluminum sheets and typically have a thickness measurement starting from 6 mm (0.25 inches) and above. 

Aluminum sheets are thinner and have a thickness measurement below 6 mm (0.25 inches).

Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate rolled and processed from aluminum ingots. It is divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, thin aluminum plate, medium and thick aluminum plate, and patterned aluminum plate.


Divide the Aluminum Plate

1. According to the alloy composition is divided into:

 High-purity aluminum plate (rolled from high-purity aluminum with a content of more than 99.9)

Pure aluminum plate (the composition is basically rolled from pure aluminum)
Alloy aluminum plate (composed of aluminum and auxiliary alloys, usually aluminum-copper, aluminum-manganese, aluminum-silicon, aluminum-magnesium, etc.)
Clad aluminum plate or welded plate (special purpose aluminum plate material is obtained by means of compounding various materials)
Aluminum-clad aluminum sheet (the outer side of the aluminum sheet is covered with thin aluminum sheet for special purposes)

2. According to thickness: (unit mm)

Sheet (aluminum sheet) 0.15-2.0
Conventional sheet (aluminum sheet) 2.0-6.0
Aluminum plate 6.0-25.0
Five rib pattern aluminum plate
Five rib pattern aluminum plate
Thick plate (aluminum plate) 25-200 Ultra-thick plate 200 or more.

Types of Aluminum Plate & Sheet for Sale

Marine Aluminum Grade Sheet & Plate

What is marine grade aluminum

Marine grade aluminum alloys for ships can be classified into two main categories based on their applications: structural aluminum alloys for shipbuilding and aluminum alloys for outfitting.

We provide marine grade aluminum alloy with 1050, 1200, 3003, 3203, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5454, 5456, 6061 aluminum plate and so on.

The primary aluminum alloys used for ship hull structures are 5083, 5086, and 5456 aluminum. These alloys provide excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The 6000 series aluminum alloys, although susceptible to intergranular corrosion in seawater, are commonly used for the upper structures of ships. For outfitting purposes, extruded profiles are widely employed. The 7000 series aluminum alloys, known for their superior strength and processability after heat treatment, are highly versatile in shipbuilding. They are extensively utilized in the upper structures of naval vessels, including extruded structures and armor plates.

Aluminum grades


Main Purpose


O, H14, H34

ship superstructure, auxiliary components, small ship hulls


O, H32

Main hull structure


H32, H34

Hull main structure


H32, H34

Hull structures, pressure vessels, piping, etc.


O, H32, 1

Ship Hull and Ship Deck 


T4, T6

Hull superstructures, bulkhead structures, frames, etc.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Plate

Aircraft aluminum alloys are engineered to meet stringent standards for strength, weight reduction, corrosion resistance, and other performance requirements necessary for aircraft applications. The most commonly used aircraft grade aluminum alloys include: 2024, 6061, 7075 aluminum Sheet.

Aluminum Sheet for Cars

Aluminum sheets are commonly used in the automotive industry for various applications due to their lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. Such as 5000 series aluminum alloy, 6000 series aluminum, 7000 Series aluminum.

Specific Classification of Aluminum Plates

The grades in the aluminum alloy are representative. The following is an example of the grade of 7075 T651 aluminum plate. The first 7 represents the group of aluminum and aluminum alloys – aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys. Aluminum and aluminum alloy groups are divided into nine categories. Among them, aluminum and aluminum alloys of 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 series are the main ones, and other series are rarely used in actual use.


The first category: 1 series: industrial pure aluminum
The second category: 2 series: aluminum copper alloy
The third category: 3 series: aluminum-manganese alloys
The fourth category: 4 series: aluminum silicon alloy
The fifth category: 5 series: aluminum-magnesium alloys
The sixth category: 6 series: aluminum magnesium silicon alloy
The seventh category: 7 series: aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloys
The eighth category: 8 series: other alloys
Class 9: Series 9: Spare Alloys

Common Aluminum Plate Types

5000 series aluminum are usually aluminum-magnesium alloys, with small amounts of other trace elements, and are the most widely used aluminum. Due to their good rust and corrosion resistance, they have very good fatigue strength. Therefore, it can be used in various Wet and corrosive places, such as ships in offshore fields.

It can also be used in automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway light rails, pressure vessels (such as liquid tankers, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerators) that require strict fire protection measures, refrigeration equipment, TV towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, etc.

5083 Marine Aluminum Plate

5083 marine aluminum plate is professionally used for the hull of large ships, yachts and other ships, and is a professional anti-rust aluminum plate. Gosea Marine supports the custom production of 5083 boat plates and can produce 5083 boat plates in various states.

5083 marine aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg-Si series alloy, which is widely used, has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability and medium strength. The main alloying element of 5083 aluminum plate is magnesium, which has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and medium strength. It is used to manufacture ship hulls, decks, consoles, etc.

The quality of Gosea Marine’s 5083 marine aluminum sheet is strictly controlled to meet the requirements of users, especially to meet the increasing processing needs of complex parts such as marine aluminum sheet, rail transit, high-end cars, etc., and the application prospect is extremely broad

Advantages of 5083 Aluminum Sheet:

1, Low density, high strength, widely used in marine, light vehicles, tank areas;
2, 5083 medium-thick aluminum plate is corrosion-resistant, durable, economical and environmentally friendly.
3. Added trace balance production process of 5083 marine aluminum sheet, reducing the cracking tendency of the ingot and improving the surface quality of the rolled plate;
4. China Classification Society (CCS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), British Bureau of Shipping (LV), Bureau Veritas (BV)
5. No oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat cutting edges, no burrs on the surface of the ship aluminum sheet.

6061 Marine Aluminum Sheet

6000 Series aluminum alloy are Al-Mg-Si alloys, among which the most commonly used marine alloy is 6061 boat aluminum plate. 6061 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, easy coloring, good oxidation effect, etc. It can maintain good quality after annealing Workability. In particular, there is no tendency to stress corrosion cracking, and it has excellent weldability and good cold workability.

Gosea Marine can produce super wide 6061 aluminum sheet, width up to 2650mm, is one of the few direct manufacturers in China that can produce super wide sheet width. It can not only be used on boats, 6061 aluminum sheet is also very popular in mobile phone card slots Welcome, Phone Case, Mould, Auto, Precision Machining, etc.

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