Marine Hydraulic Pump

The role of a marine hydraulic pump is to provide the hydraulic system with a certain pressure and flow of oil. From the point of view of energy conversion, marine hydraulic pump is an energy conversion component in hydraulic system that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

Type of Marine Hydraulic Pump

There are many kinds of hydraulic pumps, according to their structure can be divided into gear pump (external engagement type, internal engagement type including rotor type), blade pump (single action type, double action type), screw pump and piston pump (straight axis or oblique axis, axial piston pump, radial piston pump).

According to the displacement of the pump can be changed, the hydraulic pump can be divided into the quantitative pump and the variable pump. The vane pump and plunger pump in the structure can achieve variables.

When the pump to a certain direction, the direction of the pump can change the pump called the variable pump, so the hydraulic pump can also be divided into the directional pump and variable pump. Both the vane pump and plunger pump can achieve directional change.

Hydraulic pump is also called positive displacement pump because it works by the volume change of sealed working space.

Working Principle of Marine Hydraulic Pump

Marine hydraulic pump is a hydraulic component of hydraulic transmission to provide pressurized liquid. It is a kind of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of power machines (such as motors and internal combustion engines, etc.) into liquid pressure energy.

The CAM is driven by a motor to rotate. When the CAM plunger upward movement, the piston and cylinder formed by the sealing volume is reduced, oil extruded from the sealing volume, through the one-way valve to the place where you need to go. When the CAM rotates to the curve of the falling part, the spring forces the plunger down, the formation of a certain vacuum degree, the oil in the tank under the action of atmospheric pressure into the sealing volume.

The convex wheel keeps the plunger rising and falling, the sealing volume periodically decreases and increases, and the pump keeps absorbing and discharging oil.

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