Marine Gangway

   Marine Gangway and pilot ladder are produced by professional factories. They are personnel boarding equipment. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy. After passing the inspection, the marine product inspection certificate will be issued by the classification society. The shipyard only conducts installation inspection and various tests after installation.

1. It is usually stored on the ship’s side, and when it is used, it is released outboard and inclined along the side of the ship for personnel to get on and off the ship.
2. Ladders suspended overboard for boarding and disembarking of the ship, which can be lifted, turned over and stored in the side of the ship.
3. A set of movable steps located on the side of the boat for personnel to use when boarding from the boat or the dock.

Gangway For Boat Installation Inspection

   1. Inspection of equipment before boarding

     Check the marine product qualification certificates, physical steel stamps or marks of the marine aluminum gangway, pilot gangway, soft ladder and mechanical lift, gangway hanger and cross arm, hoist block and wire rope and conduct visual inspection.

   2. Equipment installation inspection

    Check the installation of equipment on board. After the gangway is installed, the installation and welding quality of the hanger cables, pulleys and related structural parts should be checked. The parts connected with the hull structure should be assembled correctly and welded firmly, and attention should be paid to preventing damage to the hull structure.
For the pilot’s gangway, it is to be checked whether it is installed on the straight part of the ship’s side and inclined to the bow direction, and its arrangement is to avoid the side drain. Make sure that the pilot gangway and boarding point on the outside of the ship are fully illuminated. In addition, it is to be checked whether the setting of bulwark doors meets the requirements of the drawings, so as to facilitate the boarding of the pilot.

     Check the flexibility of the gangway, such as turning and turning over, and make a strength test. For new ladders: the gangway should be at an angle of 60° to the horizontal, and a load of 150kg should be placed on the odd steps and the lower platform of the ladder, and a load of 300 tons should be placed on the upper platform for 15 minutes. After the load is removed, the rotating parts of the gangway should be kept Flexible, each part should be free of defects or obvious deformation; for the repaired gangway: the gangway should be placed 0.5m above the summer load waterline, with a load of 75kg on each step or 150kg on every other step, and 150kg on the upper and lower platforms. load, lasting 30min in a static state, there should be no permanent deformation or other defects.

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