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Mitsubishi engine cylinder head at Gosea Marine

GDF Engine Cylinder Head

  • Engine Brand: GDF
  • Product Type: Cylinder head
  • Model Type: 230, 320, CS21, G26, G32
  • Price: Upon request 
  • We supply both OEM and reconditioned cylinder heads.

High-quality GDF Engine Cylinder Head

At Gosea Marine, we take pride in offering the GDF engine cylinder head, a premium component produced by Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory (GDF). Designed specifically for marine applications, the GDF engine cylinder cover is engineered with meticulous precision and adheres to stringent quality standards. It serves a critical role in facilitating efficient combustion within marine engines by housing vital components such as valves, fuel injectors, and spark plugs. With its robust construction and superior craftsmanship, the GDF engine cylinder head demonstrates exceptional durability and reliability, even in the challenging marine environment. 

The GDF Cylinder Cover We Supply


Model Type


230, 320, CS21, G26, G32

Gosea Marine supplies a range of GDF engine cylinder cover models, including the 230, 320, CS21, G26, and G32 series. These cylinder heads are renowned for their exceptional quality and compatibility with marine engines. 

About GDF

GDF (Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory) is a distinguished player in the diesel engine manufacturing industry, specializing in medium-speed large power diesel engines, gas engines, and generating sets. With six series of products, including the 230, 320, CS21, G26, G32, and 230SG, GDF offers a wide power range from 660 kW to 4400 kW.

The GDF engine cylinder cover is a flagship product offered by Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory, designed specifically for marine applications, the GDF engine cylinder head showcases meticulous engineering and adherence to stringent quality standards.  

By selecting the GDF engine cylinder head, customers can have confidence in acquiring a high-caliber product that optimizes engine performance and enhances longevity. 

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