Rubber Angle Indicaton

The rudder angle indicator is a kind of instrument that can indicate the actual steering Angle. It has lighting equipment, which can check the accuracy and sensitivity of the steering device, and direct the steering action when the manual steering and the rudder Angle indicator indicate the actual rudder Angle at any time. The rudder Angle pointer on the steering gear indicates the rudder blade rotation Angle corresponding to the number of rudders turns. The common indicator has the alternating current rudder Angle indicator and the dry battery type rudder Angle indicator.

Our rudder Angle indicator is composed of the potentiometer in the transmitter and the millivoltmeter marked as the rudder Angle scale. When the rudder drives the contact of the potentiometer to rotate, the resistance value of the two arms of the potentiometer changes, causing the pointer of the receiver to move to the corresponding position, indicating the actual rudder Angle.

The true rotation of the rudder is fed back to the wheelhouse, rudder cabin, and main engine room, and the error of the electric rudder Angle indicator is generally very small.


The device has the advantages of high precision, accuracy, low noise, and direct indication.
It can be equipped with VDR signal output and can be equipped with multiple repeaters (junction box required).

Performance Indicators

  • Measuring range: left 40° -0 ° -right 40°.
  • Accuracy: the indicating error of top hanging rudder Angle is no more than 0.75°, and that of other rudder Angle gauges is no more than 0.5°.
  • The lighting of the dial-in in full black condition can be read clearly at 1.5 meters from the dial.
  • The damping time of the pointer does not exceed 3 seconds.

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