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Ship Anchor chains are used to transfer and buffer external forces on a ship, connecting the Marine anchor and the hull. In addition, some friction may be produced by it.

We offer class I, class II, class III, and class IV, as well as mooring chains of class R3, R3s, R4, R4s, and R5.

Ship Mooring Chain

Mooring chain refers to a heavy-duty chain specifically designed for securing boats, ships, or other marine vessels to a fixed structure, such as a dock or an anchor. It is an essential component of the mooring system, providing strength and stability to keep the vessel safely in place.

Mooring chains are typically made from high-strength materials, such as steel and stainless steel mooring chain, to withstand the harsh marine environment and resist corrosion. They are engineered to handle the forces exerted by wind, waves, and currents, ensuring the vessel remains securely moored. They are often accompanied by shackles or connectors for easy attachment to anchor points or the vessel itself.

Our Ship Anchor Chain Size

  • Manufacturing range: 22mm ~ 182mm large ship anchor chain. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm anchor chain.
  • Ring: 6D * 3.6d (d refers to the diameter of chain body)
    CCS, BV, LR, ABS, NK, Kr, DNV-GL, Rina, RMRS, IRS, and other certificates can be provided.
  • Safely load and breaking shall refer to the gbt549-2017 national standard for electric welding anchor chains.

Popular Marine Chain Diameter: 44mm48mm, 50mm73mm76mm81mm87mm90mm,111mm and other large ship anchor chain.

Ship Anchor Chain Approval Certificates

Classification Society certification: ABS, BV, CCS, CR, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA, RMRS.

Hot Sale Anchoring Chain

48mm Anchor Chain
73mm Anchor Chain
87mm Anchor Chain
Stud Link Anchor Chain
Marine Mooring Chain
Marine Anchor Shackle

Types of Marine Anchor Chain

  1. The various types of anchor chains are cast steel , flash welded and forged chains. 
  2.  It can be divided into gear chains and non-gear chains based on the chain-link structure.
  3. In terms of their purpose: marine anchor chains, mooring chains, stud link chains, and studless anchor chain.
  4. In terms of steel grade, they are divided into AM1, AM2, and AM3, and mooring chains into R3, R3s, R4, R4s, and R5.

Studless Anchor Chain

Studless anchor chain is a type of anchor chain used in marine and ship applications. Unlike stud link anchor chains that have protruding studs or links, studless anchor chains have a smooth and flush surface without any protrusions.

  • Studless anchor chains typically weigh less than stud link chains, such as on smaller vessels or installations with limited load capacity.
  • The absence of studs allows studless anchor chains to be more flexible than their stud link counterparts.
  • The smooth profile of studless anchor chains minimizes the risk of snagging on debris or obstructions on the seabed, reducing the chances of chain damage or entanglement.

Stud Link Anchor Chain

A stud link chain is a type of chain commonly used in marine applications for anchoring and mooring ships. This type of ship chain consists of a series of interconnected links, each with a stud or bar attached to it. The links have a rounded or bulbous shape, and the studs are typically threaded or bolted into the links. The studs serve as connectors between the links and provide additional strength and stability to the chain.

Production Capacity of Marine Anchor Chain

Currently, Gosea Marine has 25 large and medium-sized ship anchor chain production lines which are independently designed and manufactured, and eight automatic vertical chain heat treatment lines, which can produce high-strength chains with a diameter of 12.5 ~ 240mm, with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons. As part of the flash welding system, there is an automatic monitoring and recording device; as part of the heat treatment system, there is an automated monitoring and recording device.

Furthermore, the company also has seven forging lines and nine connecting piece heat treatment furnaces that can manufacture connecting pieces with various shapes and specifications, such as Boat Anchor Chain link, Kent shackle, swivel and swivel shackle, D-shaped shackle, bow shackle, H-shaped shackle, eye plate, pontoon shackle, mooring hook, and ROV shackle. The maximum weight of a single piece can reach 8 tons, the nominal specification can reach 187mm, and the production capacity can reach 5000 tons per year.

Large Ship Anchor Chain Pictures

boat anchor chain size chart and Mechanical Properties

forging process of ship anchor chains

Delivery time

Ship’s anchor chains with outer diameter of 73mm, 81mm and 87mm are available in stock and can be shipped at any time.

Delivery on board

We can assist in shipping the goods to all ports and shipyards in China.

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