marine engine cylinder liner

Sulzer Engine Cylinder Liner

  • Engine Brand: Sulzer
  • Product Type: Marine cylinder liner
  • Liner Type: RTA48, RTA52, RD56, RTA58, RTA62, RLB66, RTA68, RND68, RTA72, RND76
  • Price: Upon request 
  • Gosea Marine offer both OEM and reconditioned Sulzer cylinder liners for your needs.

Sulzer Cylinder Liner For Sale

Gosea Marine is a trusted supplier of Sulzer engine cylinder liners, providing a comprehensive range of models including the RTA, RD, RL, and RND series. Through our significant monthly purchases and deliveries, we have established strong partnerships with suppliers, allowing us to negotiate competitive prices. This results in substantial cost savings for our customers, making their budgets go further. 

Our commitment to meeting delivery timelines ensures that you receive your Sulzer cylinder liners promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. At Gosea Marine, we prioritize exceptional quality, ensuring that our cylinder liners meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Sulzer Cylinder Sleeve Type

Cylinder Sleeve Brand

Cylinder Sleeve Type


RTA48, RTA52, RD56, RTA58, RTA62, RLB66, RTA68, RND68, RTA72, RND76

TriboPack Technology In Sulzer Cylinder Liner

The integration of TriboPack technology in Sulzer cylinder liners brings forth a remarkable advancement in engine performance. TriboPack is a comprehensive solution that combines a range of design measures to optimize the running behavior of the piston, minimize wear rates, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce cylinder lubricant consumption. 

A key element of TriboPack is the incorporation of an Anti-Polishing Ring at the top of the cylinder sleeve. This innovative feature effectively mitigates the risk of piston ring sticking and significantly reduces liner wear. By leveraging the benefits of TriboPack technology, operators of Sulzer cylinder liners can experience enhanced engine efficiency, heightened reliability, and reduced maintenance costs. 

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