Marine Screw

Marine Screw is a tool to fasten the mechanical parts of objects step by step by using the physical and mathematical principles of inclined circular rotation and friction of objects.

As a common fastener, the screw is widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, and buildings. The general material is metal or plastic, which is cylindrical, and the groove with concave-convex on the surface is called a thread.


  • As a manufacturer, we provide reliable products, high quality, and timely delivery.
  • All our products have been inspected by QC before packaging and rechecked before delivery.
  • Nonstandard products can be provided according to your drawings or samples.
  • Standard export packaging or according to your requirements.


A full set of advanced equipment to ensure product quality, full-automatic computer testing equipment, optical full-automatic testing, and screening machine.

Excellent electroplating, through strict salt spray and environmental protection test, it is not easy to rust, and the product is more environmentally friendly.

Systematic quality control, 100% high-quality products shipped, ISO9001 certification.

We have sufficient stock, more than 10000 kinds of screws in stock, and complete specifications to meet your one-stop procurement needs.

The product has good hardness, no slip, no groove blocking, and no miscellaneous materials, so as to ensure your engineering efficiency.

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