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Marine Smoke Detector

    • Exporting Country: Singapore
    • Order Products: Smoke Detector
    • Contract Date: 2021.8.15

    Customer Vessel Details

    • Ship type: oil tanker;
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 59843;
    • Introduction: total length: 248.00 m, profile width: 43.00 m, profile depth: 20.00 M.

    Major Project

    • Maintenance of 13 heaters and coolers;
    • Renew the front and rear oil seals of the tail shaft;
    • 63 motors are maintained in the workshop;
    • ICCP replacement;
    • Replace the seawater pipe of the engine room;
    • Modification of smoke exhaust pipe;
    • Ballast tank rib plate replacement;
    • Emergency towing modification;
    • Sanding and painting of outer plate;
    • Ballast tank water knife painting and other works.

    Communication Details

    A good marine smoke detector is an important guarantee for the safety of oil tankers. Therefore, the customer contacted us and hoped to supply a batch of marine smoke detectors with reliable quality for his tanker. Later, we delivered the goods to the designated destination on schedule and provided professional technical support in product installation, commissioning and training. Finally, as the customer commented, “the results meet our expectations and everything works well.”


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