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Marine Propeller to Bangladesh

    • Exporting Country: Bangladesh
    • Order Products: Marine Propeller
    • Contract Date: 17 the, Dec. 2020
    • Quantity: 1 Pallet
    • Weight: 256KGS

    Customer Ship

    • Ship type: bulk carrier
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 101993
    • Total length: 299.95m type width: 50m type depth: 24.10m

    Main Works

    • Mechanical and electrical engineering: replace the brake belt of the anchor rope machine and lower the left and right lifeboats to the ground; The crane in the engine room shall be subject to load test, 6 high-pressure oil pumps of the main engine shall be disassembled and inspected (spare parts shall be supplied by the ship), 11 heat exchangers in the engine room shall be disassembled and inspected, and the pipes in the engine room shall be replaced.
    • Dock repair works: lower the left and right anchor chains to the dock bottom, dismantle and inspect the submarine valve in the engine room, replace the aluminum block in the propeller and submarine valve box, and disassemble the bottom plug/submarine valve box grid.
    • Hull Engineering: a new set of cable piles shall be added to the tail deck, the aluminum blocks of the outer plate and valve box shall be replaced, the outer plate shall be painted, the left and right anchor chain cabins shall be cleaned, and the sewage tank shall be cleaned.

    Our company provides customers with accessories for this project: the marine propeller.

    Communication Details

    When we receive the inquiry, the ship will be repaired and inspected once a year in the shipyard. Because its propeller is seriously damaged, cracks and wear have appeared on it, so it needs to be replaced with a new one.

    After signing the contract, Gosea Marine immediately arranged production in order to deliver goods to customers as soon as possible, so as to save customers’ costs and time-related to reassembling propellers and the time for ships to dock in the shipyard. Finally, we delivered the goods two days ahead of the expected time, which provided a guarantee for the timely completion of the customer’s ship project.


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