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Marine Generator Set to Bangladesh

    • Exporting Country: Bangladesh
    • Order Products: Marine Generator Set
    • Contract Date: 3rd, Jan. 2021
    • Quantity: 1 Pallet
    • Weight: 1200KGS

    Customer Vessel Details

    • Type: bulk carrier
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 101993
    • Total length: 299.95m type width: 50m type depth: 24.10m

    Main Works

    • A) Electromechanical engineering: the generator set, engine accessories, anchor rope machine brake belt shall be renewed, and the left and right lifeboats shall go down to the ground; The crane in the engine room shall be subject to load test, 6 high-pressure oil pumps of the main engine shall be disassembled and inspected (spare parts shall be supplied by the ship), 11 heat exchangers in the engine room shall be disassembled and inspected, and the pipes in the engine room shall be replaced.
    • B) Dock repair works: lower the left and right anchor chains to the dock bottom, disassemble and inspect the submarine valve in the engine room, polish the blades, replace the aluminum block in the submarine valve box, and disassemble the bottom plug/submarine valve box grid.
    • C) Hull Engineering: a new set of cable piles shall be added to the tail deck, the aluminum blocks of the outer plate and valve box shall be replaced, the outer plate shall be painted, the left and right anchor chain cabins shall be cleaned, and the sewage tank shall be cleaned.

    The marine spare parts we provided for this project: generator set and engine accessories.

    Like all generators, the marine generator set also needs to be overhauled at regular intervals. When the customer contacts us, his overall ship maintenance project is about to begin. In addition to replacing the generator set, the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston and connecting rod of the four auxiliary engines of the ship need to be replaced.

    According to the contract, all parts of our factory are packed in specially made wooden cases and safely transported to the designated port. In the whole process, Gosea Marine professional engineers provide technical guidance to customers throughout the process to ensure the correct assembly, accurate measurement, report, and trial operation of the generator set.


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