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Marine Air Pipe Head to Bangladesh

    • Exporting Country: Bangladesh
    • Order Products: Marine Air Pipe Head
    • Contract Date: 8th, Feb. 2021
    • Quantity: 3 Boxes
    • Weight: 2065KGS
    • Type: bulk carrier
    • Gross tonnage / TEU: 160229
    • Total length: 399.8m type width: 59.8m type depth: 32.9m

    Main Works

    Hull Engineering: 1. Replace the ladder guardrail of the cargo warehouse and ballast tank; 2. Replacement of deck steps and outfitting parts; 3. Repair of water seal tower; 4. Repair of fan hood in the engine room; 5. Surfacing repair of anchor chain wheel;

    Deck Mechanical Engineering

    1. Engine room, pump house skylight switch.
    2. Load test of crane and domestic crane in the engine room.
    3. The left and right anchor line machines shall be maintained on the ground as a whole, and the brake belts shall be renewed.
    4. The two cargo pipe cranes in the ship shall be maintained.
    5. The catering crane pulley shall be disassembled and inspected, the hook head flexible bearing shall be inspected, and the track rack shall be repaired.
    6. The PV breaker on the deck shall be disassembled and hoisted to the ground and the interior shall be cleaned.
    7. The steel wire rope boats on the left and right lifeboats shall be renewed, hoisted Decoupling test.
    8. All sealant strips of all watertight doors in the living area shall be renewed and supplied by spare parts ship.
    9. The steel wire rope ship under the ground as a whole of the left and right gangways shall be replaced and load tested.

    Mechanical Engineering of the Engine Room

    1. Replacement of air pipe head.
    2. Maintenance of 2 air coolers of the main engine.
    3. Overall maintenance of water generator.
    4. Door switch, internal cleaning, and coating repair of domestic sewage cabinet.
    5. Maintenance of smoke chamber of 2 auxiliary boilers and 1 waste gas boiler.
    6. Repair of the incinerator.

    The ship spare parts we provided for the project: marine air pipe head.

    During a routine inspection, the Bengal bulk carrier found a serious problem with the marine air pipe head. Generally, air pipes terminated on the open deck shall be equipped with approved air pipe heads to ensure that the tank pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure. In this case, the shipowner immediately contacted us to purchase a batch of new high-quality air pipe heads. Finally, we provided customers with satisfactory products. Since then, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with this customer.


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